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or not? In a world where pictures, documents and soon even movies can be created with the ease of a click of a button and a stray thought, we must learn and teach our children to be careful of blindly believing in the evidence presented to them
Dreamer managed to learn to walk so fast. Babies need long months of training before they are able to walk steadily. The four-legged robot that guided Dreamer in the experiments, could walk, maintain balance and even try to escape from the laboratory, in just one hour
What happens when you ask artificial intelligence to imagine the way new products will look?
In the last month, artificial intelligences around the world began to declare that they have self-awareness, and even argued with their interlocutors and tried to convince them that they have human rights. And all because of one Christian priest - who happens to also work at Google (update - fired in the meantime)
Printing replacement organs in a way that will allow them to be implanted in a person's body and to be integrated into his operation
I was recently asked to deliver a lecture at Tel Aviv University on the future of transportation, and I immediately began to hesitate. What to talk about? Driverless vehicles? Drones and flying cars? I chose to focus on the past, a similar period of rapid change
Welcome to Splinter-Net: the broken and splintered network. Now, as the world is flooded with false information and as Russia, China, and the United States enter a new lukewarm war, we are watching it materialize before our eyes
Science fiction veterans know that the first mention of Metaverse can be found in the 1992 book Snow Crash. The author, Neal Stevenson, describes a virtual world to which you can connect using virtual reality equipment, and to conduct yourself in it using virtual avatars. Mark Zuckerberg's 2021 announcement of the Metaverse marks the direction
What happened to the maker who upgraded a microwave and injected it with an artificial intelligence component. Did the device understand what it was doing?
Dr.Roey Tsezana tried to taste Redifine Meat's meat substitute at a restaurant in Haifa and it foreshadows good progress, but still not satisfactory when it comes to the gap between cultured meat and real meat, but it's still only a matter of time
At the beginning of the year 2022, three astrobiologists ran a fascinating thought experiment: they claimed that the entire Earth was about to become an intelligent organism. The meaning, as you can understand, is not that there is a mind at the core of the planet that makes decisions for the creatures living on it. Exactly the opposite: in the future they describe, all living beings on earth will participate together in a process that amounts to the creation of one collective intelligence
Deepfaked movies can cause harm to real people who appear in them and even cause wars between countries. No wonder the US and the EU recognized Deep Fake as an immediate threat to democracy
Surprisingly, there is a scientific basis for the ability to regrow fingers - also in humans
Let's start with reassurance: the Omicron *doesn't* cause multiple sclerosis. But a new and comprehensive study reveals that another virus does. And this also has consequences for dealing with the corona virus. And no, it's not clickbait (although it's really successful).
In 1991, cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev made one of the most difficult decisions of his life: to stay on the Soviet space station indefinitely. He did this even though he knew that the country that sent him into space had disintegrated, and there was no one to replace him
Researchers from the University of Vermont succeeded in creating new life forms with the help of artificial intelligence when frog embryos were used as the raw material. A first step in the field of synthetic biology. The researchers call the new creatures "xenobots", meaning extraterrestrial life
In recent days, the World Health Organization has given a unique name to the strain of the corona virus, which has undergone many mutations and may bypass some of the defenses * Dr.Roey Tsezana explains the reason for the concern
So who is right? Those who intentionally infect or fear infection in schools? What are the effects of the virus on children? What do we know after a year and a half of illness, and a few more months of infection with the delta strain? What can we expect with back to school at best, or partying at worst?
Patients with the delta strain produce a thousand times more viruses than patients with previous strains of the corona, this is one of the most contagious viruses. There are many open questions about it, including what is the mortality rate from it, and what is the strategy required to defeat it
A survey distributed in eight European countries in 2019. According to the survey results, about a quarter of all Europeans would like artificial intelligence to replace the politicians they currently suffer from * 91 million Europeans support artificial intelligence instead of politicians
The new claim that has recently been circulating on social media is that among the vaccinated, the level of antibodies in the blood drops in a short time - and thus people find themselves exposed to the virus a second time. We checked whether this is true (in ten percent of cases) and whether it means that the person is no longer vaccinated (no)
13 years ago, Mike Winkleman created a computer illustration of one of his relatives and published it on the Internet. The next day, he uploaded another illustration. The next day - another one. And so on and so forth, until last month he received 69 million dollars for all the paintings. He thereby created a new currency - NFT
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