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One of the space tourists is Kisha Shaf, who is married to an Israeli and wears the Israeli flag. In addition, her 18-year-old daughter Anastasia Myers flew - the first combination of mother and daughter on a space flight. During the flight arrived
Monday night there will be two broadcasts at 01:30 from the transmitter of the departure from the space station to the Dragon spacecraft, 03:30 the disconnection of the Dragon. The article also includes videos taken during the mission
This is what Stephen Attenborough, Chief Customer Officer at Virgin Galactic says during a virtual conference held by the Juniper company. Enborough's talk was broadcast from Virgin Galactic's Astronaut Office in London
The raffles were conducted by the fundraising platform Omaze and Sir Richard Branson raised an expected $1.7 million in grants to support the Space for Humanity project to democratize space travel
However, this is a flight that lasted just a few minutes in the second manned suborbital flight of the New Shepherd spacecraft of the Blue Origin company owned by Jeff Bezos
In recent weeks, space tourism has become a reality for two of the world's richest men. Is it an expensive but harmless amusement, or another blow to the earth's battered atmosphere? We went out to check
16:20 The launcher successfully landed on its feet with the help of an auxiliary engine. 16:18 The spacecraft activated parachutes 16:12 The spacecraft was successfully launched
This is according to an analysis by PITCHBOOK. According to the analysts, before flying humans into space, advanced uses of satellites should be exhausted and the problem of space debris should be addressed, but the budget for this may be reached thanks to these gimmicks.
The spaceship or rather the Spaceship 2 rocket plane took off for the mission known as Unity 22 from the Virgin Galactic Space Center in New Mexico on a carrier plane and when they reached the desired altitude they activated the rocket engines
The yet-to-be-revealed winner together with the Bezos brothers will fly for a suborbital flight - that is, reaching an altitude of 100 kilometers, staying for a few minutes in low gravity and observing the curvature of the Earth, and landing
Eitan Stiva, a former fighter pilot, is expected to take off at the end of 2021 in the Crew Dragon spacecraft as a space tourist for about five days.
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