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Earth exploration satellites

GRATTIS will demonstrate the performance of advanced sensors that measure nanometer-scale gravitational changes from space to track movements on Earth's surface and interior
On July 23, 1972, the Landsat satellite was launched, which changed our attitude to the environment. Since then the satellites have been perfected and now NASA is developing the Landsat 10 satellite, which will be able to reveal more details about the destruction of the Earth
In an interview with the Hidan website, the company's CEO Avi Shabtai explains that the amount of data collected by satellites is enormous and requires smart storage to filter the data that has come down to earth and send only the data
The tasks are TROPICS, EMIT, JPSS and SWOT. Each of them offers something unique and adds a new way to understand and protect our home
The giant container ship stuck in the Suez Canal in Egypt is seen in new images taken by the European Space Agency's Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission along with the maritime traffic jam it caused.
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