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what time is it on the moon Researchers suggest accommodating the time zone system on the moon as well
The total amount raised by the company to date is about 376 million dollars. Among the investors: Mitsubishi Electric and the Japan Development Bank. CEO of Astroscale Israel: The global economy is more dependent on satellite data than at any time in history, and this dependence is only increasing
NASA's associate director for exploration systems development (manned flights), Jim Frey, provided updates on the progress of the Artemis program in an interview with the science website
A few days ago, the TAU-SAT3 satellite was launched on SpaceX's Falcon 9 launcher, designed to demonstrate optical and quantum communication from space using tiny satellites
The center will make available to entrepreneurs, companies and researchers the infrastructure for the development of small satellites and their components, and will enable the expansion of the ecosystem in the field
The company's chairman, Yoav Leibovitch, spoke to the science website on the occasion of the start of trading in the stock on the New York Stock Exchange. StixPay began trading last week after a merger with Spak
After helping Ukraine with encrypted communication during the war, Elon Musk will be able to help the Iranian people as well, this time not against an enemy from outside but against the government at home that shuts down the internet to suppress demonstrations
The mission, whose launch is scheduled for Monday, August 29, 2022, is a test flight - without a crew - of the launch system into space and the Orion crew compartment. NASA hopes it will pave the way for routine exploration of space beyond Earth's orbit
NASA will discuss the formation of the final sites with the scientific community and with SpaceX whose landing vehicle, Starship is manufactured according to its capabilities
Expedition 67 commander Oleg Artemyev received an order from the control center in Moscow to return to the station as soon as possible due to a malfunction in his space suit's battery
Shortly after the outbreak of the war, Ukraine, funded by the US government, requested data from private satellite companies around the world. By the end of April, Ukraine received images from American companies minutes after the data was collected. Recently, these photographs were proof of Ukraine's success in blowing up an airport in Crimea with its state-of-the-art fighter jets
NASA's Lunar IceCube -- Cubesat for observing the moon ready for Artemis 1 launch
NASA's target launch date is now August 29th at 08:33 EST in a two-hour time window. If there is a successful launch on August 29th the mission will last about 42 days - until October 10th
If the Russian government is able to build the laser, it will be able to protect a large part of the country from observation by satellites with optical sensors. The technology also paves the way for the more threatening possibility of laser weapons that can permanently disable satellites
The upper stage of the Long March 5 launcher that uploaded a module to the Chinese space station Tiangong about a week ago crashed. These launchers lack a control system for re-entry into the atmosphere
In addition to its intriguing internal structure (and strange phenomena like diamond rain!), scientists believe that Neptune played an important role in the formation of the solar system and that its composition includes large amounts of gas that was part of the prestellar nebula from which the solar system formed
On July 23, 1972, the Landsat satellite was launched, which changed our attitude to the environment. Since then the satellites have been perfected and now NASA is developing the Landsat 10 satellite, which will be able to reveal more details about the destruction of the Earth by humanity
The project, which incorporates OneWeb low-orbit satellites, is expected to accelerate advanced connectivity in aircraft and motorized applications on land and sea
However, no official announcement has yet been made, and even then, the Russians are obliged to give a year's notice in advance
An expert in space law and international relations says that even the entry of commercial companies will not solve the problem because they are subject to the laws of the country in which they are registered
Monday night there will be two broadcasts at 01:30 from the transmitter of the departure from the space station to the Dragon spacecraft, 03:30 the disconnection of the Dragon. The article also includes videos taken during the mission
US Vice President Kamala Harris announced this in a review before the Space Guard; more than 1,600 pieces are floating in space since the Russian test about six months ago, over 2,400 pieces are still floating 15 years after the Chinese test; Russia is setting conditions indirectly related to the war in Ukraine
According to David Greenberg, a satellite communications instructor at the Herzliya Science Center, the listening was accidental but was made possible by the fact that Dokifat 3 transmits in the same frequency range as the terrestrial satellites. Now the students of the science center, whose class before them launched it, are trying to understand what happened
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