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This is according to data collected from the 2022 social survey on attitudes regarding the influence of religion
By Ilon Gilad, published by Am Oved. The section from the first chapter tells how the religion was founded out of nowhere and wrote the history of two Canaanite kingdoms - Judah and Israel at the hands of the writer Shepan and King Josiah who tried to leave the main god Jehovah out of the circle of his gods and become a single god. How long did it take for this belief to take hold?
One of the researchers responsible for the discovery tells how an asteroid similar to the one that caused the incident in Tungaska in Siberia in 1908, hit a city in Jordan northeast of the Dead Sea. The city was abandoned afterwards, and the echoes of the explosion hit other cities in the vicinity, including Jericho
Religion is not just a system of supernatural beliefs. Faith is not a religion, in fact a religion can exist without an orderly theological meaning but will always include worship, rules of conduct and above all community. Religion is probably a product of human evolution
The exodus from Egypt is the story around which Passover is celebrated, and it also symbolizes for us an exit from slavery to freedom, but is there any historical truth in the story?
Chaim wonders: How did they decide that the world was created exactly 5781 years ago?
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