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Israeli scientists

Founder of the Faculty of Physics at the Technion, co-author of the historical article EPR with Albert Einstein and Boris Podolsky
Isaiah Winograd was one of the young professors at the Technion, a promising scientist who was involved in a variety of fields, from rocket propulsion to water desalination, an artist and a family man, and also a reserve officer who rushed to the Syrian front in the Yom Kippur War, and was killed
Alexander Wahlberg, doctor of physical chemistry, returned to Israel after years of studying and working in the United States and worked at Kirya for nuclear research. He also insisted on continuing to serve in the reserves, as a patrol officer, and his death in the Yom Kippur War
The author is Professor Alex Gordon, Oranim College tells about the anti-Semitism that accompanied the famous Jewish researchers, about Einstein's recommendation for Rosen to work in Kiev, about Podolsky's double loyalty, about Prof.
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