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"As those who are entrusted with the research and education of the future generations of the State of Israel, we warn you that the proposed reform of the legal system could result in fatal damage to the Israeli academy," said a statement issued by the presidents of all universities in Israel
Chinese researchers used artificial intelligence to scan combinations of metals and elements and identify compounds that would break down the free radicals that damage hair follicles
The first basic principle is that tyranny is defined by the distribution of power within the state and not by ideology or behavior * The second basic principle is that power corrupts and the distribution of power determines behavior
In Democratic districts, death rates have decreased by 22% since the beginning of the century, while in Republican areas they have decreased by only 11%
This is not a demand to turn back the clock, progress and science have made a wonderful world possible for us, but also a world that has been stripped of wonder, therefore it is necessary to restore respect for nature
The scientists were able to predict political behavior just by looking at an fMRI brain scan and published in the rigorous scientific journal -PNAS
Yuri Borisov, the new head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said in a meeting with Vladimir Putin on July 26, 2022 that future efforts will focus on a new Russian space station.
Legendary explorer Jane Goodall, NASA's Chief Scientist Dr. Katherine Calvin, academics, government, civil society, students and the curious: all met at the 50th Annual Science and Environment Conference. "Only when the intelligent mind and the human heart work in harmony can we fully realize our human potential," Goodall said.
Stupidify Stupidify according to the Oxford dictionary. There are too many people who want the citizens to be stupid. Democracy fell when ancient Rome became an empire, the end is known. Everything should be done to stop the process
A new book by American researcher Eve Darian Smith describes how around the world, many countries are becoming less democratic. This retreat from democracy and "creeping authoritarianism," as the US State Department has put it, is often supported by the same industries that are escalating the climate crisis
Deepfaked movies can cause harm to real people who appear in them and even cause wars between countries. No wonder the US and the EU recognized Deep Fake as an immediate threat to democracy
Belief in science has turned from the basis of democratic decisions into a political matter. Researchers who have studied the processes are trying to explain how we got to this situation and what needs to be done to stop the phenomenon. If we do not stop the process, we will return to the Middle Ages, explain a number of sociologists who have examined the issue
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