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The research team: "We must act quickly to continue to protect our coral reefs" * The article is dedicated to the memory of Tal Ilon, a man of the sea, commander of the Kfar Gaza alert squad who was murdered on the 7
Studies have long shown that nature has many benefits that affect our physical and mental health. Now a new Israeli study has found that high exposure to a green environment may reduce the chance of contracting different types of cancer
The plastic products made of polypropylene, such as shampoo bottles, are the most dangerous for the marine environment
Beyond the security and economic implications, the Houthi threat to the Red Sea may also have significant environmental consequences, which will further increase the polluting footprint of the maritime transport industry
The claims that fast fashion chains like SHEIN are pro-Palestinian join the findings of investigations into the terrible working conditions in their factories and the enormous environmental damage they cause. So where should you buy clothes during the "shopping month"
Experts warn that the severe attack of October 7 and the firing of rockets on Israel filled the surrounding area and other areas with toxic infections, exposure to which could significantly harm health. Therefore, the planned restoration is underway
The research shows that microplastic pollution is a universal phenomenon that is common everywhere, even in the most isolated regions of the world. Further research is needed to understand the effects of this pollution on human health and the environment
Opinion: Despite the objections of experts and residents, these days the Prime Minister's Office is examining the expansion of the transportation of the oil of Ketsa'a; In light of the dangers involved in a course of this kind - it seems that our government has it simple
Special for the holiday: these are the stories of some of the most polluted places on our planet, which would not be harmed by a "Pesach cleaning". A dirty trip around the world
Researchers have succeeded in developing a flexible sensing sheet that is inside a pipe in order to continuously monitor the quality of the liquid in it. By measuring the voltage induced within a layer of carbon nanotubes, it is possible to determine
It is important to promote legislative policies and effective regulations aimed at solving the global plastic problem. Consumers should also be encouraged to choose sustainable products and producers should be required to produce environmental and recycled products. In addition, emphasis should be placed on
Plastic continues to dominate every good plot: new research reveals that the amount of microscopic plastic on the ocean floor has tripled in just 20 years. Moreover, the microplastic at the bottom of the sea almost did not disintegrate
There is lab2 – a new sustainability initiative putting used scientific equipment back into the market
The study partners Soroka Hospital, the MDA Blood Services, the National Public Health Laboratory and Ben Gurion University, funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection * The connection to industry comes from the location of the subjects in relation to polluting industrial plants
A new Swedish development turns urine into fertilizer, and may prevent wasting the precious resource (yes, pee is important), and also reduce the pollution created by human waste. Are we facing a revolution in the toilet field?
The harmful chemicals can be found in a wide variety of consumer products such as food packaging, toys, medical devices, adhesives and more
A new Swedish study reveals that the concentration of harmful chemical compounds of the PFAS type in rain has passed the point of no return. We will probably have to work hard so that the concept of "blessing rains" does not become a painful chapter in history lessons
When the car is barely making progress on the busy city roads, it is comforting to think to ourselves that at least within its walls we are protected from the urban air pollution. But a new study calls us to actually get out of the vehicles: it turns out that it's quite polluted inside
Alon Zasek, CEO of the Israel Seas and Lakes Research Company: "This comprehensive survey, the first of its kind in Israel that uses advanced research tools, clearly shows the need to stop using disposable tools to preserve the sea and its diversity
Beach cleaning activities on the occasion of World Oceans Day started today, June 8
One of the researchers, Rima Ganaim explains: "The types of agricultural waste in Israel can reach enormous masses of millions of tons per year: animal excrement, carcasses from the meat industry, eggs and other industries, vegetable waste
An Israeli company recently introduced a new environmental and biodegradable substitute for plastic - algae. Is this a real solution to the problem of plastic waste?
Researchers have succeeded in developing innovative chemicals and products based on sustainable surfactants with low toxicity
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