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Environmental planning

The adoption of the financial model that was used during the establishment of the state can help finance the sustainable development of the surrounding area and the north and the rehabilitation of Israel's economy. opinion
How did your trip help the environment you were in? Get to know restorative tourism, which is not only harmless - but also helps nature and local communities during the trip. Food for thought for sand trips
When a human organ "breaks down" - it is sometimes possible to replace it with another one, but is it possible to replace contaminated soil with another soil? It turns out that it is: this method is called "soil transplantation", and a new international study indicates its effectiveness
The Ministry of Environmental Protection publishes for public comment the draft Israeli green taxonomy, for classifying economic activities according to their impact on environmental goals; The Israeli taxonomy will make it possible to define environmental and climatic effects of economic activities, will make it possible
A green city? This is not a paradox. An optimistic look at a differently designed future, through the final projects of the landscape architecture course at the Technion, which dealt with creative solutions for a more sustainable planning of the Israeli space
In the disaster that happened on January 4, 2020, two people were killed in the elevator and many infrastructures were damaged. At the end of the week, a storm washed over the coastal cities of Israel. Is the reason for the existence of these storms related but
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