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The climate crisis is already here. For the residents of the poor countries considered the "Third World", there is no doubt the culprits: the rich Western countries. Not only do they avoid actions to prevent warming, they also continue to develop sources of pollution
Cooperation between non-profit organizations and government institutions from Israel, the USA, Germany and Tanzania with the aim of building an innovative water filtration system using ceramic filters at a school in Babati district reached its peak when a delegation of engineers without
Following and because of global warming, by 2050 there will be about a billion people subject to disputes and struggles related to rivers, and this only in Africa
The children of the Maasai tribe herd the cattle Illustration:
The African Zabads are caught in a bar to extract the musk oil that has been used since ancient times to anoint kings. Is it possible to develop a more humane method?
A project carried out by members of the Africa team of Engineers Without Borders Israel - Tel Aviv contributes to the supply of clean drinking water to rural areas in Africa, and has been operating continuously since 2013 in the Babati district of northern Tanzania.
In recent decades - after reaching a peak due to the population of Lake Victoria with the predatory fish that was not there before, the fishing productivity in Lake Victoria is decreasing due to overfishing and mortality due to water pollution.
The Africa team, Engineers Without Borders Israel Tel Aviv branch recently returned from a two-week mission in Tanzania. The project deals with the supply of clean drinking water to rural areas in Africa and has 20 volunteers from diverse fields who manage
According to the head of the climate services of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) "even when the amounts of rain remain the same, because of the warming water evaporates and the area dries out
Leakey knew how to discover fossils of ancient human species even as a child, as the son of famous parents, but he also cared about preserving nature and fighting ivory dealers, received two kidney transplants and a liver transplant, lost
In the past I have already referred to the need to reduce meat consumption in the face of the significant differences between the industrial form of farming in large farms in Western countries and nomadic herders, mainly in African countries. They are still not considered
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