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Studies have long shown that nature has many benefits that affect our physical and mental health. Now a new Israeli study has found that high exposure to a green environment may reduce the chance of contracting different types of cancer
Dutch researchers found that this process happens all the time and damages all genes, but the longer the genes, the more likely they are to be damaged because they have more sites. Especially the big damage is
This is according to a report published in recent days by the International Journalism Institute. Environmental reporters are exposed to physical and verbal threats, difficulties in accessing information and financial pressure, sometimes while hiding from the eyes of the authorities and even with their encouragement
A one degree Celsius increase in global average temperature due to the man-made climate crisis could shorten life expectancy by about 5 months, with women and residents of developing countries disproportionately affected
Researchers examined the tourist experience in Jerusalem and discovered the moments when the emotional arousal of visitors increases - for better or for worse
Studies conducted in Canada found that some of these products contain per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFAS), some of which are prohibited for marketing, in concentrations significantly higher than the threshold proposed in the standards. Frequent use of these products corresponds to high concentrations of these substances
For the past hundred years, the chemical trichloroethylene [TCE] has been used in decaffeinated coffee, metal cleaners, and dry-cleaned clothes. The substance itself is known to be a carcinogen, it is associated with abortions, congenital heart disease
On the day we go to the "Mitzvah HaBolani", we will enlist in the "Climate Corps" and obey the safety instructions of the "Salt Brigade": a unique installation offers to think about the disturbing fate of the Dead Sea through an interactive journey between sites in the future
The study partners Soroka Hospital, the MDA Blood Services, the National Public Health Laboratory and Ben Gurion University, funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection * The connection to industry comes from the location of the subjects in relation to polluting industrial plants
In the most comprehensive study done on the subject, it was found that sperm quality deteriorates over the years in men all over the world, including in Africa, Latin America and Asia, and that the rate of decline even increases in the 21st century * "Research
The Ministry of Environmental Protection publishes for public comment the draft Israeli green taxonomy, for classifying economic activities according to their impact on environmental goals; The Israeli taxonomy will make it possible to define environmental and climatic effects of economic activities, will make it possible
Towards a recommendation to the government on a policy to stabilize the level of the Dead Sea: The Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, led a multi-participant tour of the Dead Sea region to examine the public comments received on the draft Atid Yam policy document
A new Canadian study reveals a significant link between air pollution and autoimmune diseases. Could it be that our immune system reacts even before us to the changing world outside?
A new study supported and funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and carried out by researchers from the Hebrew University, Hadassah, the Technion, the Medical Corps and the National Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health, provides evidence that environmental exposure to industrial air pollution
A study was published today that unequivocally states that environmental exposure to industrial air pollution in the Haifa Bay at a young age is related to cancer incidence between the years 1967 and 2012. I wonder why they didn't do this research for a long time
"Wherever there are trees, fires are likely to occur," says Prof. Leah Wittenberg from the University of Haifa, the Israeli representative on the UN team of experts that compiled the report * Even the arctic regions are no longer immune
The earliest documentation of the use of paint for wall decoration is from 17,000-40,000 years ago, for which an emulsion was used that contained a pigment mixed with a liquid medium. Today's paints voluntarily stopped using lead until 1979
Besides the enormous environmental damage, it turns out that the smoke from the fires can be a carrier of disease-causing viruses and bacteria over a long distance
New estimates indicate that the regions of Central America, South America and Southeast Asia are the most affected
So far, scientific reports have been published that plastic parts that reach the natural environment cause the death of many animals, especially seabirds, turtles and marine mammals). Now it turns out that they also have health damage
At the end of May, a red discharge was reported in the banks of the Ambranaya River that spilled into Lake Pyasino, near the city of Norilsk in northern Siberia, Russia. About 20 thousand tons of oils (mainly diesel) leaked from a tank
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