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the muscles and the skeleton

Researchers have discovered that the skeletal muscle composition of the blind rat is preserved throughout its life, delaying its aging
Tissue engineering offers a solution for the treatment of disc herniations: an implant that combines synthetic hydrogel and living cartilage cells
The research shows that healthy cartilage recovers quickly after running, and that there is no lasting effect of "wear and tear". When running, the joints are constantly activated and there should be wear and tear. So it turns out that the human body does not behave like a machine, it does not wear out like a tire or a screw, at least if reasonable pressures are applied to it
Researchers have succeeded in reconstructing jawbones using a unique gel that mimics the bone's natural environment
As soon as the disease develops, significant damage has already occurred that cannot be cured, but the development of a unique genetic strain allowed the university researchers to stop the pain and erosion. The findings can predict the disease after joint trauma and start critical medical treatment
Genetic damage can cause osteoporosis and muscle and bone depletion at the same time
The institute's scientists developed an innovative method for examining hundreds of thousands of cartilage cells in XNUMXD - and with it revealed new information about bone growth
Researchers at the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion discovered that the connection between tendons and muscles is formed by hybrid cells that merge with the muscle fibers and "know" how to cause the ends of the muscle to express tendon characteristics
Researchers from Tel Aviv University have developed a product that protects the bone tissue and it will be registered as a new patent * The product is designed to prevent bone loss around orthopedic implants, dental implants and teeth
His mouth is lethargic and the hum of the drill still echoes in his ears. He turns to C with a desperate question: Who needs wisdom teeth?
Until today, the most available solution for spur pain was resting the legs, reducing the amount of sports training and local massage in the painful area. A new study at Tel Aviv University recommends actually walking with bare feet at home or on a moving track, like a gym treadmill
It is possible that movement therapy can become part of the treatment protocol for scoliosis, hip dislocation and other skeletal deformities, the treatment of which is currently generally based on the restriction of movement
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