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Weizmann Institute of Science scientists presented the possibility of reliable and accurate blood tests for cancer diagnosis
Prof. Yuval Ebenstein's laboratory was announced as one of the most advanced in Europe in the research and development of technological solutions for cancer
In experiments conducted on mice, it was found that in the presence of the energy source (brain cells called astrocytes) the tumor was 100% fatal, and all the animals that got sick died within 4-5 weeks of its appearance. When the researchers disappeared the astrocytes, in
Not only desperate bacteria - even cancer cells facing extinction may activate an SOS response and develop drug resistance
Horizon Europe program grants promote international cooperation in order to develop a response to the major challenges of the time, including challenges in cancer medicine
A small molecule that inhibits the spread of cancer metastases - an original development by researchers at the Technion, the Netherlands and the UK
As part of the study, the researchers characterized the psychological, social and medical condition of approximately 200 veterans and at the same time collected saliva samples from them. The research findings show that all those soldiers who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder have a picture
Prof. Ronit Sachi-Painero: "I believe that in the future the small molecule will be available and will make immunological treatment accessible and effective for cancer patients."
A study by the Hebrew University found that the tobacco companies offer benefits and gifts to store owners to market their product in a prominent location and in a more beautiful display, and teach them how to circumvent the legislation that prohibits
The new technology we developed provides accurate data on the nature of the mutation based on the RNA sequencing of the tumor only - that is, without the need for DNA sequencing of the tumor and any sequencing of the healthy tissue
The state of California promotes programs for self-production of insulin. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, allocated one hundred million dollars from the new state budget for this purpose. The governor is known for his position, ever since he was elected in
Dr. Eil Handel from the Faculty of Life Sciences at Bar Ilan University won a grant as part of a European consortium researching possibilities for curing blood diseases with the help of genetic editing
As soon as the disease develops, significant damage has already occurred that cannot be cured, but the development of a unique genetic strain allowed the university researchers to stop the pain and erosion. The findings can predict the disease after joint trauma
The results of the research by a team led by female researchers from Tel Aviv University showed that with the help of the new technology that the researchers developed, it is possible to control the production process of melanin in the laboratory, and obtain a pigment similar in its properties to biological melanin
In this disease, the body produces substances similar to those found in cannabis, which damage the kidney * University researchers have found a way to improve the medical treatment of diabetic kidney disease, which affects approximately 30% of diabetics in the world. The new method
A new material developed by researchers at the Technion and the University of Chicago is expected to optimize medical treatments and accelerate the use of renewable energies
New technology offers treatment for the HIV virus through an injection. As part of the research, the researchers succeeded for the first time in the world in engineering type B white blood cells inside the patient's body, so that they secrete antibodies to AIDS. The study was conducted on
Mice that received a gene encoding a telomere-producing enzyme extended their lifespan by forty percent, compared to a control group. Treatment with another gene, one that codes for the protein follistatin, resulted in an extension of life span
How are blood vessels born? The institute's scientists revealed surprising findings following observations of the fins of young zebrafish
50-year-old women who snore are at increased risk of having sleep apnea
Genetic damage can cause osteoporosis and muscle and bone depletion at the same time
Pools of immune system cells taken from patients and mice with liver cancer and melanoma, partly composed of tired immune cells
Our immune system has a powerful and accurate weapon to destroy bacteria and viruses. It is possible that in the future it will also be possible to harness it against malignant tumors
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