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A new study by Prof. Omri Koren of Oni Bar-Ilan proved that intestinal bacteria can help diagnose gestational diabetes early in pregnancy. Early diagnosis can reduce unwanted side effects in mother and baby
A preventive procedure performed on mice protected them from the damage of a future heart attack. The surprising findings redraw the boundaries of knowledge about the regenerative abilities of the heart
The research shows that healthy cartilage recovers quickly after running, and that there is no lasting effect of "wear and tear". When running, the joints are constantly activated and there should be wear and tear. So it turns out that the human body does not behave like
Doctors at Boston Children's Hospital performed emergency heart surgery on a days-old baby born with holes in her heart valves. They were helped by a virtual twin of the baby's heart, as part of the Living Heart Project
The researchers believe that they have succeeded in finding all the roles played by the ELG1 gene. The gene in question is evolutionarily conserved even in humans and mutations in it cause cancer, understanding its meaning in yeast can help
In an official letter, published on Thursday 02.02 in the leading medical journal The Lancet, a list of top researchers and experts in the world in the fields of public health, health economics and nutritional sciences, express deep concern at the decision to cancel
However, the harsh and acidic conditions of the stomach cause the breakdown and neutralization of this important hormone even before it reaches the intestines and from there into the bloodstream. To overcome this, the researchers remove the insulin molecules
The Hebrew University and Ichilov Hospital researchers found that pregnant women have a 40% increased chance of developing a blood clot in the deep veins of the legs and lungs following a flight. This risk is found in a period of time of up to two months from the flight
The creation of double-strand breaks in the DNA of certain cancer cells may help inhibit the growth
In an experiment conducted by the start-up Cordio Medical among 180 patients in ten medical centers in Israel, the system identified heart failure events an average of 18 days before they occurred. The subjects sent one voice sample per day
The new discovery could shed light on the basic mechanisms that control sugar metabolism in other organisms, including humans.
The development, based on artificial intelligence, will make it possible to improve breast cancer treatments and warn of wrong diagnoses
Drug treatment to prevent anxiety, stress reactions and inflammation reduced the risk of developing metastases after surgery to remove a colon tumor by tens of percent
Researchers have succeeded in reconstructing jawbones using a unique gel that mimics the bone's natural environment
The researchers were able to reduce the risk of developing cancer metastases following the treatment from 52% to only 6% in model animals
Doctors who see a bowel cancer patient tend to refer more patients to tests for early detection. Is this a correct response?
The Technion team for the iGEM synthetic biology competition that took place at the end of October in Paris: Technology to stop hair loss caused by chemotherapy * Students from Tel Aviv University won a gold medal for a new development that enables planning
Working with 3D models is nothing new. Many industries have adopted the 3D simulation technology, now it seems that the health sector is also discovering how virtual worlds can advance medicine, research
The researchers explain that today, the accepted method of treating cancer is surgical removal of the tumor, in combination with complementary treatments (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.). Therapeutic ultrasound is a non-invasive alternative to destroying the cancerous tumor instead of surgery
American grant to researchers from the Technion and Johns Hopkins University
Immunotherapy treatment may cause the spread of cancerous tumors
Researchers from Tel Aviv University discovered that aerobic activity may reduce the risk of metastatic cancer by 72%
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists and their research partners have mapped the presence of fungi in 35 different types of cancer ■ The fungi that live inside the cancerous tumors may facilitate the detection, diagnosis and perhaps even the treatment of cancer
Using three-dimensional models of melanoma cancer, researchers were able to decipher the arrival of metastases to the brain
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