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skin cancer

Revealing the mechanism that delays the appearance of tanning could help create treatments that will protect us from skin cancer
Assessment: The new discovery may later lead to the development of a general vaccine against the deadly skin cancer
Using three-dimensional models of melanoma cancer, researchers were able to decipher the arrival of metastases to the brain
The results of the research by a team led by female researchers from Tel Aviv University showed that with the help of the new technology that the researchers developed, it is possible to control the production process of melanin in the laboratory, and obtain a pigment similar in its properties to biological melanin
Pools of immune system cells taken from patients and mice with liver cancer and melanoma, partly composed of tired immune cells
The development by researchers at Tel Aviv University, which was tested on animals, doubled the therapeutic effectiveness of the drugs and made it possible to reduce by a third the dose of drugs injected into the body
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