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Evolution and nature

Development of water collection and transport systems based on the characteristics of the desert beetle and the female beetle
On aging fish, folding proteins and a new route for the development of medicinal substances
Tracking social mammals has allowed scientists to understand how they choose a way of behavior that promotes their ability to reproduce
Each plant and each type of distress has a characteristic, recognizable sound. The sounds of plants sound like clicks, like popcorn, at a volume similar to human speech but at frequencies above the human hearing range, and they may be picked up by various animals, such as bats, mice and insects
By using an innovative microscope, they were able to identify for the first time the process in which the seashell produces crystals used for vision, and discovered that it is similar to the process of the formation of freckles in humans
For several decades dolphins and fishermen have been hunting together on the beaches of southern Brazil. A new international study reveals how this cooperation contributes to the marine mammals' chances of survival and what we must do so that it does not disappear from the world
Global warming affects life in the sea in many ways when it causes a decrease in dissolved oxygen in the ocean water on the one hand, and on the other hand, an increase in the metabolism of marine animals, which further increases their need for oxygen
A new study by Prof. Omri Koren of Oni Bar-Ilan proved that intestinal bacteria can help diagnose gestational diabetes early in pregnancy. Early diagnosis can reduce unwanted side effects in mother and baby
Bacteria that are carried in the air for great distances on particles land in part on the ground while they are alive - and ready to multiply
The decoration of chameleons is not limited to their outer part - and the bones of many of them glow through their skin under ultraviolet light. This is how the chameleons never stop surprising with original costumes that can be an inspiration for our most colorful holiday
The mode of birth and the microbiome that develops as a result affect the gut and the immune system
The biomass of cows, pigs, sheep and other farm animals is currently 30 times greater than that of all elephants, elk and other wild land mammals combined
An international study published in the journal Science, in which researchers from several institutions in Israel also participated, sheds light on the origin of the grapevine for food and wine, and proves that the grapevine was simultaneously domesticated in the Levant and secondarily in the South Caucasus * The research will also help agricultural crops deal with the current climate crisis
Special for Polar Bear Day: American researchers have discovered the reason why polar bears walk without difficulty on ice and snow surfaces that would cause each and every one of us to slip - microscopic bumps that line their furry feet
An international research group led by scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev discovered among a species of crabs a mechanism that produces a unique eye shine that reflects light in a color adapted to the color of the water in their natural environment and thus enables camouflage in different habitats. The research findings were published in the journal Science
A new international study conducted at the University of Haifa and the University of California (Davis) found for the first time genes that confer resistance to drought conditions in bread wheat. "The discovery is of great importance that will allow the cultivation of wheat in extensive climatic conditions," said Dr. Gilad Gabai, the lead author of the article published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications
How the zoology students rescued a huge colony of bats from a movie theater slated for demolition
"Super Algae" will be used to extract natural substances and medicines from the sea
A wasp gathers as food for its future offspring larvae that contain maggots of another wasp in their bodies, thus harming their survival
In a first calculation of its kind, the weight of all the insects, spiders and their terrestrial relatives in the world was found
Bad surprise: Israeli research has found large amounts of mineral matter in the eastern Mediterranean whose formation process releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What it means? That our ocean emits more greenhouse gases than we thought until now
The bacterium Bacillus subtilis may help in an innovative treatment for candida
Researchers from Tel Aviv University and Haifa University tested the effectiveness of a dedicated device mounted on a drone, designed to keep bats away from the wind turbines that kill them en masse, and allow the turbines to operate efficiently and continuously
The power of a group - the electrifying version: British researchers discovered that swarms of bees carry a particularly powerful electrical charge. It turns out that the buzz is literal
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