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Unlike the 2017 eclipse that occurred in August, this eclipse occurs when the spring migration is already underway. And since most birds fly at night, a solar eclipse may affect them significantly
Research led by the University of Queensland has found that humans can tell if chickens are excited or disappointed, simply by the sound of their clucking
A new Israeli study examined the siksak, a common species of bird - and found that urban siksaks are braver than their rural brethren. Although we usually all appreciate this nice feature, it is possible
According to Dr. Motty Charter, the fact that two amateur observers are the ones who identified the raccoon, an endangered species, through watching the YouTube channel Birds Online Charter Group, emphasizes the enormous importance of
A new Israeli study presents a solution to the many accidents between aircraft and winged creatures, and for the first time succeeds in identifying with the help of radar flocks of large birds, which until now were considered "invisible"
Researchers have found changes in the body structure of birds, which are probably due to adaptation to global warming
My father asks: Do stray cats cause a decrease in the number of birds?
"A wise man learns from the experience of others, a fool learns from his own experience." indeed? According to sparrow research, the answer is: it depends
Researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed a system that allows the tracking of hundreds of birds using a tiny GPS device * Thanks to the new system, the researchers were able to encourage the culture of breathing in agricultural areas, thus
Examination of faeces (and movement) of migratory birds, reveals the effect of nutrition on intestinal bacteria. The feeding is of course intended to prevent the birds from raiding the fields
The researchers mapped the birds' neural network, which controls the coordinated movement of the wings. They found that the evolutionary basis for the development of the coordinated and uniform flapping ability of the wings in birds was created thanks to a natural mutation that developed
It turns out that artificial lighting plays a central role in the reproductive processes of poultry. Prolonged exposure to light in a red wave absorbed through the extraretinal receptors while suppressing the activation of retinal photoreceptors has a positive effect on the ability
In the spring of 2019, the pot in the window of Shlomit ben Meshulam in the Department of Veterinary Resources became a falcon's nest. Shlomit, the secretary of the department, accompanied the chicks until they flew from the nest
In honor of Yom Kippur and the chickens of atonement, we will answer the question of the Yosef family "We wanted to ask and can't find an answer - what is the function of the chicken's wings?"
Researchers have found that the same laws that characterize the "free economy" of humans also exist in social animals
Research on bird migration led to bringing hearts closer together in Israel, to helping farmers and to a life-saving project with the Air Force
A particularly energetic cuckoo crossed 26 thousand kilometers in the last year and visited 16 countries. Along the way, she became an international network star and provided more important information about the migratory patterns of the world's birds
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