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Marine mammals

According to the researchers, the dolphins communicate in a different way and change their vocal behavior when they encounter the noise of a ship and therefore they are definitely affected by the noise of the ships. Past studies have already shown that a change in vocal behavior
For several decades dolphins and fishermen have been hunting together on the beaches of southern Brazil. New international research reveals how this cooperation contributes to marine mammals' chances of survival and what we must do to
This week Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative) was launched. The project, which will last at least 5 years, is a multidisciplinary project that will combine knowledge from the fields of marine biology, marine acoustics, artificial intelligence, linguistics and more
A new study reveals that the rare species of seals living in Antarctica make sounds outside the range of human hearing.
The North Atlantic osprey, one of the largest mammals in the world, was recently defined as a species that is "one step away from total extinction". What caused this situation and what can be done, also in our Mediterranean Sea, to protect the mammals
Although, in recent decades, whaling has been completely banned, except for the granting of individual permits to local fishermen in countries such as Iceland and Greenland, but despite this, the baleen populations continue to disappear, and conservationists, environmentalists and marine biologists
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