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The beginning of life

Hebrew University researchers have revealed new findings regarding the connection between the increase in oxygen in the atmosphere and oceans on Earth, and the development of complex life. The study indicates that the rise of oxygen occurred after the development of life
A day after Prof. Dan Toufik's death, his hypothesis about the origin of life was significantly strengthened
A significant boost to the protoribosome theory - a tiny molecular pocket made of RNA that appeared in the ancient soup and encouraged connections between amino acids
The ancestors of many species of animals alive today may have lived in the delta of present-day China, new research suggests
What was the first chemical entity that met the basic conditions for life?
In a new laboratory at the institute, they are examining how basic chemical reactions led to the creation of complex life
A simple mechanism could explain the growth and self-replication of protocells - the putative ancestors of modern living cells
Scientists from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom have discovered that it is possible that changes in the Earth's rotation axis encouraged the development and prosperity of complex life despite the most extreme climate that has ever existed on Earth.
By tracing the evolution of proteins, Weizmann Institute of Science scientists have charted the history of oxygen availability on Earth and solved a long-standing scientific puzzle
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