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One of the most common treatments for bipolar disorder today is the drug lithium - a drug to which only about a third of patients respond. The research aims to understand what causes this
This new measurement method, developed by PhD student Shir Filo and Prof. Metzer, will allow the extraction of precise biological values ​​on the brain, so that it will be possible to derive from an MRI test similar indicators to those obtained from a blood test or from a brain biopsy
A new study, published in mid-August in the prestigious journal PLOS Biology, reveals a way to decipher the songs playing inside the brain. In doing so, he also provides an explanation about the way in which different areas of the brain perceive and respond to acoustic elements
Chapter nine from the book: "The Free Man - Evolutionary Psychology, Brain Research and Understanding the Mind"
Following the oxytocin infusion, men's desire to compete increased more than women's desire to do so
Researchers at the Hebrew University and the University of Kentucky believe that a specific type of protein, which has not been studied before, substantially increases the molecular complexity in the brain and improves its function. "Such a discovery may have implications for the study of neurological diseases such as schizophrenia, epilepsy and autism"
Prof. Schwartz challenged the convention that nerve cells do not regenerate or recover, and discovered that the immune system also takes care of them. She also studied the blood-brain barrier and discovered that it prevents the cells of the immune system from helping in cases of brain damage such as Alzheimer's
Perceptions of aging by elderly patients affect their health after hospitalization
The living brain project of Dassault Systèmes makes it possible to develop treatments for epilepsy patients who do not respond to drugs, says John McCarthy, head of life sciences and health at Dassault Systèmes in an interview with the science website at the CES conference
The new study contradicts the popular opinion that people with autism are apparently "indifferent to pain"
In a study now published in Nature Electronics, Prof. Kotinsky demonstrates the effectiveness of said technology in neural networks. Dr. Wei Wang and Dr. Louis Daniel, who were members of Prof. Kotinsky's research group, and researchers from Tower Semiconductor are partners in the development
Musk recently revealed this, and autism researchers seek to use it to advance understanding of the unique traits and different minds of people on the autistic stream
When the researchers played the subjects new stories, they found that their transcriber managed to produce sentences that described the stories "fairly well". The transcription is not perfect, but there is certainly a similarity
The ability to imagine future events and prepare for them increases the awareness of obstacles and the chances of success
New research done in bats reveals far-reaching dynamic capabilities of neural networks
The scientists were able to predict political behavior just by looking at an fMRI brain scan and published in the rigorous scientific journal -PNAS
As part of the study, the researchers characterized the psychological, social and medical condition of approximately 200 veterans and at the same time collected saliva samples from them. The research findings show that all those soldiers who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder have a typical picture of bacteria in their saliva. A third of them were not diagnosed
A new article did an interesting experiment related to quantum theory and the study of consciousness. The results show that one of the well-known theories that claims that consciousness is created as a result of quantum measurement, is probably not true.
The findings of a study conducted at Tel Aviv University indicate that the brain's response to sounds is powerful even during sleep, in all but one measure: the level of alpha-beta waves related to the degree of attention and attention. The meaning: in a state of sleep the brain hears the sound but fails to focus on it and form a full identification and conscious perception
A new study links a daily cycle in brain temperature and survival after traumatic brain injury
While silicon computers have changed the face of society, they are still dwarfed by the brains of most animals. For example, a cat's brain stores 1,000 times more data than an average iPad and can use that information a million times faster. The human brain, with its trillion neural connections, is capable of 15 quintillion operations per second
Reader's question: I am 59 years old, and in fairly good health. Is it possible that I will live long enough to put my brain into a computer? Richard Dixon.
Between the fetus and the mother: pregnancy that damages the mother's brain
More precisely a cognitive decline such as that which occurs between the ages of 50 and 70, which is also equivalent to ten IQ points
A new brain imaging study found that participants who had even mild corona showed an average decrease in the size of the entire brain.
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