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Dr. Moshe Nahamani

New structures of carbon rings raise doubts about the current accepted definition of the concept of aromaticity
The idea of ​​capturing carbon dioxide or converting it to other substances in order to combat climate change is not new. However, simply storing carbon dioxide in a certain compound may lead to its leakage into the environment
Researchers have used a variety of methods in order to reveal the different polymorphs that can be prepared from a common crystalline material and the paths of conversion of one configuration to another depending on the temperature and the method of preparation
Researchers have used a variety of methods in order to reveal the different polymorphs that can be prepared from a common crystalline material and the paths of conversion of one configuration to another depending on the temperature and the method of preparation
The smoothness of a surface can be adjusted by changing its roughness at the molecular level - this is how researchers from Finland demonstrate
Before the successful synthesis, it was not clear if it was even possible to create such a molecule and keep it stable long enough to study its structure and its electronic properties.
Satellites and drones can provide vital information that can contribute to the protection of nature's pollinators. New research is exploring new ways to utilize these technologies to track the availability of flowers, where this research may be combined with behavioral studies to see the world through the eyes of insects
Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) can safely trap fluorine compounds within their pores at room temperature and release them when needed
Today, quantum dots, which are tiny nanoparticles whose size determines their properties, illuminate computer monitors and TV screens when these are based on QLED technology. In the field of medicine, quantum dots are currently used to map biological tissues
The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three researchers: Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L'Huillier for "the development of their methods that produce extremely short attosecond pulses of light For the study of the dynamics of electrons inside the material"
Kariko and Weissman immediately realized that their discovery was of enormous significance for the possible use of messenger RNA in medicine. These important findings were published in 2005, 15 years before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.
IBM's artificial intelligence model was able to find compounds that bind to different sites on target proteins against the corona disease caused by the covid virus and this without knowing the mechanism of the attachment of the virus to the cell
Researchers have demonstrated an innovative method for producing flexible solar cells from silicon (silicon) that are twenty-four percent more efficient than the cells known today and can still be rolled like a sheet of paper * The findings could allow the use of solar cells in applications that today use more expensive alternatives of thin surfaces.
First-of-its-kind pioneering demonstration points to the possibility of a greener future for the electronics sector
Researchers demonstrated the benefits of a natural, non-radioactive dye by observing viruses at the nanometer level. The innovative substance is a structurally stable substance and is a natural molecule with a longer shelf life than the radioactive substance most often used for this purpose, uranyl acetate
Scientists who published an article in Nature in 2020 describing a superconductor that works at room temperature claim that they conducted additional experiments and used additional data from the original experiment and are now resubmitting it
First, the molecule anchors itself to the surface of the membrane, before it penetrates the membrane in a direction perpendicular to it. In the next step, it changes its three-dimensional structure while passing through the membrane, rotating once along the longitudinal axis before reaching the opposite side of the membrane, where it exits the membrane again
Researchers have succeeded in developing a flexible sensing sheet that is inside a pipe in order to continuously monitor the quality of the liquid in it. By measuring the voltage induced within a layer of carbon nanotubes, it is possible to determine the concentrations of various substances. This research could lead to significant improvements in the field of food quality and environmental cleaning
Researchers from the University of Santiago in Chile, working in the field of machine learning, have succeeded in developing an innovative method for identifying organic compounds based on the refractive index at a single optical wavelength
For the past hundred years, the chemical trichloroethylene [TCE] has been used in decaffeinated coffee, metal cleaners, and dry-cleaned clothes. The substance itself is known to be a carcinogen, it is associated with miscarriages, congenital heart disease and a fivefold increase in the incidence of Parkinson's disease
For the first time ever, researchers report the solid structure of pyridine-based chloronium ions. These compounds are known in the literature as intermediates in the oxidation reaction of secondary salts, but until now it has been very difficult to isolate them
An international team of researchers succeeded in developing the most stable and porous zeolite known so far composed entirely of silica, which they named ZEO-3
However, the harsh and acidic conditions of the stomach cause the breakdown and neutralization of this important hormone even before it reaches the intestines and from there into the bloodstream. To overcome this, the researchers remove the insulin molecules through the walls of the stomach using a kind of robot
An innovative macroring material can trap a variety of drugs in overdose cases, including opioids, hallucinogens and stimulants, thanks to its hydrophobic niche
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