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In the creative industry, which includes industries such as cinema and theater, fashion and art, it is clear that aesthetics are an important part of innovation - and hence also of competition. But how can one understand the aesthetic emphasis on the products and services in the industries
Between rain and flood, between time and terrain, between yesterday and tomorrow
Microscopic oases on plant leaves allow bacteria to survive during the day
On the face of it, it seems that the possibility that we intentionally seek content that harms us, is contrary to the research-based hedonistic principle, according to which man strives to avoid pain and maximize pleasure, and therefore would prefer to avoid consuming content that stimulates
Pools of immune system cells taken from patients and mice with liver cancer and melanoma, partly composed of tired immune cells
Disruption of the activity rate of neural networks is related to the development of Alzheimer's disease
An advanced molecular structure may detect and report intracellular activity that may cause cancer
"A wise man learns from the experience of others, a fool learns from his own experience." indeed? According to sparrow research, the answer is: it depends
We all use the "wisdom of the crowd", but the crowd, what to do, is made up of lots of individuals who behave differently
Star observations made in Babylon teach about the past and may hint at the future
The influence of culture and religion on food waste habits of households
Does the picture change? Artificial neural networks will have a hard time deciphering it
Learning and memory, between octopuses and humans and other mammals
the alternating definitions of the second
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