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Researchers examined DNA samples of 1,200 deaf Israeli-Jews, in order to understand the damage caused to the structure of the proteins in the hearing system
More Japanese women are entering the labor market in recent years, and more men are staying at home with the children
Traditional religiosity and Kabbalistic ideas: Safed of the 16th century offers an alternative model of Jewish existence in the Land of Israel
Following the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea about five million years ago, valleys developed in its southeast that are about eight kilometers wide and about 1,000 meters deep
An advanced algorithm makes it possible to quickly retrieve information from the memory of systems such as phones and computers and correct errors
Researchers examined the Hebrew translations of the "Elements" by Euclid and traced their origins
How can cells in the retina that have been damaged by lack of blood supply be restored? Mitochondrial transplantation contributes to the survival of damaged neurons in the retina of mice
Researchers are trying to find treatments adapted to protein networks that characterize cancer tumors
What makes people continue to work after retirement age? And how does this work affect mental well-being and life satisfaction?
Researchers have developed a catalytic antibiotic - which causes cutting and fission of targets in the bacteria - and as a result, its death
About two components that help COVID-19 make its proteins and multiply
On the way in which vocal expressions can convey emotional information, especially in powerful experiences, and on the importance of the visual context
Every year a dust storm occurs at the bottom of the Gulf of Eilat that may reduce global warming
A research robot discovered a colorful abundance of life at a depth of a kilometer in the sea * Researchers examined how a unique and abundant environment was created, in the depths of the sea, off the coast of Israel
Researchers have developed algorithms based on game theory, through which robotic systems such as drones or autonomous cars can make informed decisions and operate efficiently
Researchers have developed a control algorithm that helps robots walk on smooth surfaces
Researchers have discovered that the skeletal muscle composition of the blind rat is preserved throughout its life, delaying its aging
The interaction between man and computer grew out of the activities of hackers in the 50s and the books and films that influenced them
A study examined the way in which different subjects - healthy, with depression or attention disorder - choose to look at the world
How did the elementary school teachers who immigrated to Israel in the mass immigration of the 50s affect the Israeli education system
On the spectrum of disorders caused by a defect in one gene
Prof. Ohad Nachumi, Head of the Department of Humanistic Studies and Arts at the Technion, investigates the connection between the old and new world of thought in Leibniz's thought.
Researchers have discovered that two epigenetic events (removing and adding methyl from DNA) lead to the differentiation of stem cells into muscle cells and thus to the regeneration and healing of muscles after their injury
Biblical prose may have begun as narrative poems, similar to those prevalent in the ancient Near East.
To attract traders, crypto exchanges artificially inflate their activity volume. does it work?
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