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Researchers have developed a method for mapping the central regions around black holes, which contributes to a better understanding of their growth
Carbon nanoparticles stick to bacterial membranes and puncture them. On new type of antibiotic tools
Researchers have discovered an ancient variety of olive tree that has existed in Israel much longer than the Syrian variety and are now trying to attribute it to a certain period and understand when and where it began to grow
Deciphering paintings, among others by the painter Rubens, in which we were flooded with defiant messages for intellectuals who knew a secret
Researchers have developed polymers that bind to proteins that play a key role in cancer and inflammation, thus preventing - in mice - the formation of metastases and slowing down the progression of arteriosclerosis and hepatitis
"Previous studies have shown a connection between temperature and the occurrence of various diseases. In a stroke, apparently, the heat causes a low fluid balance, which leads to changes in the brain, including the expansion of blood vessels, a decrease in blood volume
Researchers aim to launch the second revolution in the field of spintronics - and significantly increase the amount of memory in our electronic devices
Prof. Oren Levy researches the timing of the reproduction of corals around the world and is surprised by Dioc. However the biological clock of the corals is not adapted to the volume lights
Researchers analyze the DNA and hormonal profile of the green turtles to understand their physiology, development and reproduction and ensure their survival
A study found that people who were exposed to emotional images reacted according to the reactions of others and judged harshly those who did not react like everyone else
Researchers have built a model according to which the mass of the Higgs boson, which helps produce the mass of elementary particles, changed in the early universe, and is therefore much smaller than the standard model of particle physics describes
Theater researchers examined the reception of the Haifa International Festival for Children's Plays
On the religious and cultural factors that lead to food waste in households
Researchers have characterized genes and proteins that are involved in the splicing process in the mitochondria of plants and are essential for cellular respiration and growth
Researchers analyzed historical visual sources, such as maps, paintings and aerial photographs of Jerusalem and Haifa, to examine their urban development
In interstellar molecular clouds, large molecules can form despite the non-ideal conditions prevailing there
A study examines the attitude towards Queen Esther in art, religion, literature and plays in the 16th-15th century in Italy
Researchers discovered which genes are required for each stage of cell differentiation into neural stem cells and neurons, i.e. for brain development, and which of them are involved in diseases of the nervous system
Research has confirmed that lesbians, gays and bisexuals are less likely to have children than heterosexuals, mainly due to their expectation of social stigma regarding their parenting
Integrating coping mechanisms of ecosystems makes it possible to deal with drought conditions
It turns out that the shorter a crack in brittle materials - the more resistant they are to it, which can help in the design and use of applications that are based on brittle materials
On the medium's influence (physical or online), on the effectiveness, accessibility and fairness of legal proceedings between landlords and tenants in the USA, during the Corona period
Researchers used RNA sequencing of individual cells to characterize the ways in which the corona virus spreads in the cells of the body, and in the general population
A study in immunocompromised patients found that the corona virus develops mutations while hiding in the lungs, which can help its spread in the rest of the population
On the factors that may explain changes in the rainfall regime
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