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A maritime archaeological survey by the Antiquities Authority in Caesarea revealed a treasure of two ancient shipwrecks, including hundreds of silver coins, gold and silver rings, rare decorated gems, an eagle statuette, bells, and ship parts.
*The discovery was made in the huge excavation of the Yavneh Antiquities Authority, funded by the Israel Lands Authority and in cooperation with the Yavneh Municipality on the occasion of the expansion of the city. Fragments of stone vessels made of Kirton were discovered in the building, indicating a Jewish presence
"The destruction of the building is probably related to the conquest of the area by the Hasmonean Yochanan Hyrcanus, around the year 112 BC," say archaeologists of the Antiquities Authority, who conducted the excavation with funding from the Landmarks Project of the Jerusalem Ministry
Archaeologists: "About 2 million liters of wine were produced here every year." The huge 1500-year-old industrial area was revealed in archaeological excavations by the Antiquities Authority before the expansion of the city, initiated by the Israel Lands Authority
The synagogue was destroyed during the Nazi rule in the Holocaust, but the Soviets are the ones who completed the demolition * The independent Lithuanian government in cooperation with Israel is restoring the building. The exhibits will likely be displayed in a permanent exhibition
Ramat Hasharon will soon celebrate its 100th year, but it turns out that it is much older than we thought. Archaeological excavations by the Antiquities Authority, which are taking place in preparation for the establishment of a new neighborhood initiated by the Sharon Municipality, have revealed
The famous earthquake, which occurred in Israel about 2800 years ago and appears in the Bible, was previously uncovered in several locations throughout Israel, but the researchers believe that for the first time they were able to identify remains of destruction that indicate that the earthquake
According to the researchers, this find connects additional sections of the wall, which were uncovered decades ago, and for the first time sequentially outlines the eastern defense line of the city on the eve of the Babylonian destruction. Jug handles were discovered near the wall
Who are you Yerubael? The man is mentioned in a 3,100-year-old inscription discovered near Kiryat Gat, in the excavations of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Antiquities Authority and McQuarrie University in Sydney * According to the archaeologists, "Judge Gideon's nickname
Scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science and archaeologists from the Antiquities Authority returned to the archaeological site of Boker Attama in the Negev, and shed new light on a defining chapter in human evolution
This is the first time after about 60 years that Megillah fragments from the books of the Bible have been discovered in excavations. The fragments, rewritten in Greek, include remnants from the books of the Ten Prophets, among them Zechariah and Nahum * The remains of the Megillah and other rare finds,
In a joint study by the Antiquities Authority, Tel Aviv University, and Bar-Ilan University, archaeologists who unearthed pieces of cloth dyed in the royal crimson color from the time of Kings David and Solomon discovered that archaeologists: "The color immediately attracted the
The children of the tags: Leah Yehudit Delpaniya, Dedi Zak, Annie Caper, the child David Yehuda. Yoram Chaimi, archaeologist of the Antiquities Authority: "I have been digging at the site for ten years, and on this day I broke down."
During archaeological excavations in preparation for development, a 2000-year-old purification mikve was discovered near the well-known modern church, as well as impressive remains of a Byzantine church (from about 1500 years ago). Institute researchers are also participating in the excavation
Unearthed in archaeological excavations by the Antiquities Authority prior to the expansion of the settlement of Hispin, funded by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Golan Regional Council *According to the archaeologists, "it is likely that the Goshurites, who ruled the Golan and maintained diplomatic and family ties with
According to Dr. Barak Monikandam-Givaon and Thila Lieberman, the dig managers on behalf of the Antiquities Authority: "The barbell is made in the shape of a dome with a flat base. At the top of the weight is carved a sign that resembles the letter E, an Egyptian sign that represents an abbreviation of
Magnificent and rare remains of a royal building from the time of the kings of Judah were discovered in an excavation by the Antiquities Authority on the famous Jerusalem Promenade
The treasure was uncovered by apprentices of a year of service in the excavation of the Antiquities Authority in the center of the country
According to Ganor Weissbein, "The stories of the judges in the Bible clearly illustrate the complex geopolitical reality and the struggle for territories of control, in the reorganization of the political forces in the Land of Israel
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