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War of the Worlds in the Spielberg version - at the Jerusalem Film Festival

War of the Worlds in Jerusalem

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The screening of "The War of the Worlds", Steven Spielberg's new film, at the Sultan's Pool will open the Jerusalem International Film Festival on July 7. At the festival, which is taking place for the 22nd year and will last ten days, about 200 films from Israel and abroad will be screened. "The War of the Worlds", starring Tom Cruise, is based on the book by Welles from 1898, which became famous in the world thanks to Orson Welles' radio skit that was broadcast in 1938.

And in the meantime it became known that the premiere of Steven Spielberg's film War of the Worlds was canceled in Japan. Kol Israel reported that the film's distributors decided on this due to a fear that one of the viewers would introduce a hidden camera into the studio and distribute the film on the Internet. The film was scheduled to be released in Japan in about a week, two weeks before its worldwide distribution. 7,000 people won tickets to the screenings, and the distribution company announced that it was considering how to compensate them.

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