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Strengthen the economy and protect the environment: the economic model that will enable sustainable development

The adoption of the financial model that was used during the establishment of the state can help finance the sustainable development of the surrounding area and the north and the rehabilitation of Israel's economy. opinion

Prof. Yehuda Kahana and Yael Ifergan Gini, Angle - news agency for science and the environment

Thus, even today, against the background of war expenses and the slowdown in funding from foreign sources, along with population growth and the need for rebuilding and development of sustainable infrastructures - a renewed adoption of the model is required to enable the reconstruction of the Takuma region and the north, and to strengthen the entire Israeli economy. The model suggests using Israel's pension funds as funding sources, so that the lion's share of the pension, invested over a period of decades, will be directed to investments in Israel's sustainable development.

The reason why today the pension is not invested in the country and its development is that the real return (profit after deducting inflation) is too low to attract investments from the private sector. The public sector, on the other hand, strives to produce alongside the profit line also an environmental-social impact, known as the impact line. And since in investing in sustainable development the line of impact can sometimes come at the expense of the line of profit, it is the government's responsibility to distinguish between them and generate profitability from sustainable development. With the help of regulation, the government must require compliance with existing standards, collect taxes from polluting companies in an amount equivalent to the external costs caused as a result of their activities, and thus subsidize the investments of the pension bodies.

Prof. Yehuda Kahana, founder SDGs Israel

Yael Ifergan Gini, CEO SDGs Israel

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