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Tito came back to Earth

By Lior Kodner and the "Haaretz" service

Denis Tito upon his landing at a remote site in Kazakhstan after a week on the space station

The first space tourist, Tito, arrived back on Earth today (Sunday).
In the early hours of the morning, the Suez spacecraft detached from the space station
international, in order to prepare for the landing on the steppes of Kazakhstan.

Dennis Tito, an American millionaire, took off about a week ago from the launch base of
Russia in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station.

After months of contacts and confrontations between the Russian space agency and
The American Space Agency (NASA), the USA agreed to allow him to fly
desecrate. According to estimates, Tito will pay 20 million dollars for the flight.

Tito - a resident of Southern California, became interested in space as a child,
And he began his career as an aeronautical engineer in a related company
to NASA Tito was disappointed with the position and integrated into the business world. He opened a fund
Independent capital investment. The company he owns, "Wilshir and Partners", is considered
Today to one of the largest and strongest investment funds in the US, which handles
In buying and selling shares in a total amount of about 500 billion dollars. his fortune
Tito's was about 200 million.

In the last decade, Tito conducted long negotiations with the Russian space agency
in order to reach space. The agreement was signed about two months ago.

According to this agreement, Tito was supposed to stay in space for seven days and even visit
on the Russian space station Mir. After the Russians decided to destroy Mir
Tito agreed with the Moscow authorities that he would be launched to the space station

But after the agreement in principle, NASA began to act to thwart the plan.
"April is a very tense month for the space station which is in the process
Construction, for the completion of which several more months are needed," said a senior official
at NASA "The presence of an unprofessional person who does not know the means
the complicated technologists at the station, which is unable to handle problems at the mother station
And when they wake up, not least the presence of a person who needs to monitor everything
The time will greatly complicate life at the station," the agency said in a statement.
The US position was also joined by Canada, Japan and some of the partner European countries
in station operation.

The Russians refused to give up, and in response, four cosmonauts who had been training opened fire
Together with Tito on a protest strike. Tito announced that he feels 100 ready
He braced himself for the flight, and was proud that today he was able to put on a suit
Space in just 25 seconds. Moscow claimed, Washington opposed
to launch only because it is an American citizen who signed such a unique contract
with Russia, and only after long international contacts and mutual threats
The flight of the first tourist into space became possible. Tito agreed to finance any damage
which will cause the equipment on the space station. Director of the Russian Space Agency, Yuri Koptev
expressed satisfaction with the summary. Tito did not abandon his business sense even towards
the take off "I want to show the world that it is possible. More and more need
Take an example from me and fly into space, and then the price for such a flight will also decrease."

Saturday, May 5, 2001 20:37 pm
The first space tourist will return early in the morning
to the earth
Denis Tito will land in the desert of Kazakhstan at the end of an eight-day journey in space,
for which he paid 20 million dollars; During most of the vacation he was engaged in photography, watching
on Earth and listening to operas; Claims: I did not interfere with the team's work

Tito. Assisted in serving the food (Reuters)

The first space tourist in history, Denis Tito, is preparing for his return
to the earth Tito, who paid 20 million dollars for an eight-year journey
days to the International Space Station (ISS), will land early in the morning. Tito,
and the two Russian cosmonauts who flew with him in the Russian "Soyuz" spaceship,
Expected to land in the Kazakhstan desert.

During his stay on the space station, the millionaire from California spent time as a space scientist
Formerly, he spends most of his time in photography, watching the Earth and listening to operas.
He also assisted the station staff with various service jobs, such as serving food.

However, according to the American space agency, NASA, which opposed it from the beginning
For Tito's trip, the visit created unnecessary tension among her people. According to people
The station, "Tito is unaware of the efforts of thousands of people in the United States
and in Russia, who work to maintain his safety and the safety of others,"
The agency claims. Tito claims, on the other hand, that most of the time he is
distanced himself from the American wing at the station, and that he did not interfere with the work of his men
the team

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