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The types of materials from which breast augmentation implants are made

Implants in plastic surgery. Illustration:
Implants in plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery has been a well-known field for years. This is a common aesthetic surgery all over the world, designed to enlarge the breasts and improve their appearance while maintaining body proportions. There are quite a few reasons why a woman would like to enlarge her breasts, among them the strengthening of the feeling of femininity, the desire to return to the appearance she had before pregnancy or weight loss, improving confidence and self-image, creating a proportional appearance of the chest in relation to the body, changing situations of lack of symmetry between the two breasts and correcting congenital deformity.

How to choose the right implant

The breast is a powerful expression of femininity and sexuality for both women and men. Small breasts are often a source of disappointment and dissatisfaction in women. When it comes to Doctor recommended breast augmentation surgery Knows how to relate to these feelings, feelings that lead many women to reach him with a firm opinion about the breast size they are interested in. An opinion based, usually, on the popular concept of how one should look, but breast augmentation surgery is still not a trivial matter and in such a decision there are several important parameters that must be taken into account in order for a woman to be able to leave the surgery satisfied.

It is important to remember that not all women look the same. That is, what is beautiful and suitable for one does not necessarily suit another. Body structure, weight and height are parameters that influence the correct choice of breast size and the type of implant on which it will be based. It is important to know and remember that the body should be able to carry the implant without harming the posture. Breast augmentation surgery refers not only to the breasts but also to how the new implants will affect the shape of the body and its proportions, i.e. how they will affect the overall appearance of the body.

The technological changes change the market fundamentally

The market offers two forms of implants: an anatomical implant whose shape resembles a pear and a round implant. The first provides a natural appearance in cases where there is no breast tissue at all, such as for example after a mastectomy. The second shape, the round one, gives a fuller look that slightly protrudes from the cleavage of the bra, and is more common in surgeries for aesthetic enlargements. But today there are already new developments of lightweight implants.

The B-LITE technology, developed by Dr. Gubrin and his team, allows the use of an implant of the desired volume or size while reducing the weight of the implant by up to 30%. This innovative technology significantly reduces the weight of the implant and the associated weight-related side effects, while improving and preserving the results of the surgery over time.

The new technology allows the woman to choose the size of the breasts she is interested in, while the light weight of the implant reduces the constant pulling and drooping characteristic of the breasts. The implant is dynamic in shape and can have an anatomical or round appearance, in different profiles, high, medium or low, in a smooth or rough shell. 

This is how we will obtain a recommended doctor for breast augmentation surgery

After making inquiries about breast augmentation surgery, it's time to choose a suitable doctor and simply get in touch. Dr. Gubrin, an expert in plastic surgery, has been working in the field for many years and knows the ins and outs of the profession well. The implants he developed are manufactured in Germany. They are produced from recognized and approved materials in medicine and industry for the production of implants and are accompanied by ISO and CE certifications for quality and safety thanks to the technology by which they were created. To enter Dr. Gubrin's website, click on the following address:

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