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The second Israeli on the way to space announced President Rivlin, the Ramon Foundation and the Ministry of Science

Eitan Stiva, a former fighter pilot, is expected to take off at the end of 2021 in the Crew Dragon spacecraft as a space tourist for about five days. * The price of the pleasure is 55 million dollars, which as mentioned will come from his own pocket

The event announcing the second Israeli in space at Beit Hanasi, 16/11/2020. Photo: Mark Neiman, CEO
The event announcing the second Israeli in space at Beit Hanasi, 16/11/2020. Photo: Mark Neiman, CEO


State President Reuven (Ruby) Rivlin and Keren Ramon in cooperation Ministry of Science and Technology This morning they announced the second Israeli on the way to space. Eitan Stiva, a former fighter pilot, will take part in a national, historical and scientific mission that will take place at the end of 2021.

The announcement event held today, Monday November 16, at the President's House was attended by Minister of Science and Technology Yizhar Shai, CEO of the Ramon Ran Levana Foundation, Eitan Stiva, chairman of the scientific committee Inbal Kreis, and Tal Ramon son of the late Ilan and Rona Ramon.

The first Israeli space tourist

Stiva is expected to take off into space at the end of 2021 as one of the first space tourists to arrive at the International Space Station under the management of Axiom Space in a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft. Like the one that was released tonight (In the past, space tourists arrived at the space station aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft). As far as is known, the rate charged by Axiom for such a flight currently stands at 55 million dollars.

On behalf of the Ramon Foundation and in cooperation with the State of Israel for a historic scientific mission on the International Space Station and will be one of the pioneers of the private space industry in the world. Stiva will stay on the station for 200 hours, during which he will perform a series of unprecedented experiments in Israeli scientific technologies and developments of researchers and start-ups that he will take with him into space, and is also expected to hold activities to make the world of space accessible to Israeli children. In the coming months he will begin his training for the trip to space, where in the three months before the trip he will undergo a series of concentrated training in the USA, Germany and Russia. The Crew Dragon capsule will launch from Florida in late 2021.

As mentioned, the mission was initiated and led by Axiom Space, which promises to do this regularly to the International Space Station and then to the hotels it will build in space, according to its website. It purchases the launch capacity from the only company that currently has a license for it - SpaceX.

Upon arrival in space, the passengers will stay at the International Space Station (ISS) subject to NASA approval. Alongside Eitan Stiva, two other private astronauts will take part in the mission. The mission commander on behalf of Axiom Space is the veteran American astronaut and vice president of Axiom Space, Michael Lopez Alegria. Lopez-Alegria has more than 40 years of experience in the worlds of aviation and space; Lopez flew into space four times and commanded the 14th mission to the International Space Station.

The Ramon Foundation will lead the Israeli mission in all its aspects - scientific and educational - in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Israel Space Agency, who will lead the partnership of government ministries in the project. Together they will work to select the experiments and technologies that will reach space and build the educational program for the children of Israel. The task will be headed by the CEO of the Ramon Foundation, Ran Levana.

Eitan Stiva. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Science
Eitan Stiva. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Science

President Rivlin: Stiva is one of ours

"This is a day of national joy, and tremendous pride," the president began his words and said: "It's not every day that we announce an Israeli astronaut going into space. Soon, a space shuttle will take off from Earth and one of its helmsmen will be held, once again, by "one of our own". An Israeli pilot with a blue and white flag embroidered on his shoulder, who will prove once again, as we have been proving here for 72 years, that even the sky is not the limit."

The president turned to Eitan and said: "Dear Eitan, up there, beyond the seventh heaven, you will conduct a series of experiments with Israeli technologies, some of which were developed by Israeli boys and girls. You will be the messenger of those brilliant minds, the present and future generations of the finest Israeli research, and help them understand how the world works when viewed from the outside. You will be a representative of Israel in the human effort to understand the wonderful mechanism that makes life possible on this globe, and crack the secrets of the universe."

"We are launching this journey into space, in the name of science, in the name of research, in the name of the tireless human pursuit - for knowledge, for discoveries, for understanding, at a time when humanity is facing one of its greatest challenges. A crisis the likes of which we have not known in our generation. In the shadow of the virus, it became clear to us how big concepts, such as science, medicine and research, can shake our lives from the ground up. It dawned on us how much we don't know - not only in the distant planets, and in the vast galaxies, but even here in our humble sphere. Faced with the microscopic, tiny virus, in the effort to find a vaccine, we are required to join hands, scientists from different countries and peoples. This is the power of science. He reminds us that we are part of something much bigger, and speaks to the human spirit that exists in all of us."

The President wanted to mention the late Ilan, Rona and Asaf and emphasized how much: "Their absence today echoes in space. The absence is so heavy, so palpable, almost present. I had the privilege of getting to know dear Rona personally, accompanied her through her illness, and shared with her her immense pain over Ilan who fell in a mission for humanity, and Assaf who fell as a pilot in the Israeli Air Force. When Rona was with us she kept pushing us forward. And even today we are moving forward. You belong to a family that is a symbol and a model. A family that is a source of inspiration and true Israeli pride. A family that never stopped talking to the stars, even when they fell from the sky. I am proud to stand here by your side on this exciting day." The president added and addressed Eitan: "In your journey, you continue and fulfill their legacy. Today, you become the messenger of all of us. We give you the blessing of the road, and wish you great success. Go out in peace and come back in peace and don't forget to wave goodbye to us up there. We are waiting for you at home."

desert Minister of Science and Technology, Yizhar Shay: "The Ministry of Science and Technology is proud to be a partner in the journey of the second Israeli astronaut, Eitan Stiva, in a national mission that will bring together the best minds of tens of thousands of children and adults, men and women, scientists and industrialists alike. The State of Israel is already considered a world power in the field of space. The journey of the second Israeli astronaut will contribute to the growth of the 'new space' industry, which will create tens of thousands of jobs in Israel and create in Israel a new and significant branch of the economy of innovation and entrepreneurship."

Spiva: "A fascinating journey into science, education and the study of the human spirit"

From Eitan Stiva's words: "In a year I will have the opportunity to participate in the journey to the International Space Station - a fascinating journey into science, education and the study of the human spirit. The International Space Station is one of the largest centers of cooperation in the world, where astronauts from many countries live, work and study together - a camaraderie that is so necessary for us, especially in these challenging days of dealing with the Corona crisis. After the painful loss of Ilan and Asaf, together with Rona we founded the Ramon Foundation and saw how space exploration stimulates all the senses, arouses curiosity and even challenges the wildest imagination. My hope is that our joint journey into space will open new channels for cooperation, peace and faith in our ability to preserve our beautiful planet, for the benefit of future generations."

Eitan Stiva is a lieutenant colonel - he was a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force for 43 years and participated in dozens of military operations. He is the founder and chairman of the Vital Capital Fund and has been engaged for the past 35 years in developing business entrepreneurship and financing projects in developing countries, which provide a response to vital infrastructures for disadvantaged populations. He is also one of the founders of the Ramon Foundation and serves as a prominent member and longtime volunteer on the foundation's executive committee. 

From the words of the CEO of the Ramon Foundation, Ran Levana: "The essence of the mission is the fulfillment of Rona's vision - to make space accessible to children and teenagers and to promote Israeli innovation in space. This mission offers an unprecedented opportunity for Israeli researchers and entrepreneurs to send scientific experiments and demonstrations into space. We aim for the developments of the researchers and companies that will arrive at the space station to lead to technological breakthroughs, which will ultimately translate into economic growth and the creation of employment opportunities in Israel." Levana added that during the journey to space, the Ramon Foundation plans to conduct special broadcasts from space for Israeli children, which are expected to include dozens of demonstrations, experiments and conversations live from the space station with students from around the country. "One of our main goals is to inspire children and youth and bring them closer to the scientific worlds."

This mission will be the first mission to the International Space Station (subject to NASA's approval) to be manned entirely by private astronauts. Eitan Stiva plans to devote his time in space to conducting the experiments and will donate his time and all travel costs, including sending the equipment required for the experiments and storing them. His contribution to the Ramon Foundation makes the journey an extraordinary opportunity for the significant promotion of the space industry and science in Israel, and also realizes the vision of the late Rona Ramon, who wanted to impart to the younger generation in Israel values ​​of academic excellence, social leadership and groundbreaking courage, through science, aviation and space.

In the coming weeks, the Ramon Foundation in cooperation Ministry of Science and Technology Futures will publish a 'call' for scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs who will be invited to send their proposals for experiments. The proposed experiments will be selected by an independent scientific committee, consisting of representatives of academic institutions, leading research institutes in Israel, and governmental center and development bodies. The committee is chaired by Inbal Kreis, a senior in the space industry in Israel and the director of innovation in the systems and space division of the aerospace industry. 

From Inbal Kreis, a senior official in the space industry in Israel and the director of innovation in the space and systems division of the aerospace industry: "This is a rare opportunity to carry out and promote ground-breaking research in space, on a large scale and on a multidisciplinary professional platform. The studies will contribute to strengthening scientific capabilities at the national level, to understanding technological processes and improving the quality of our lives here on Earth. At the same time as strengthening Israel's position as an actor in the international arena with continuous activity in space."

The call for experiments on the International Space Station will appeal to groups of scientists and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields: energy utilization processes from space, production and recycling processes of materials, manufacturing processes in space, studying biological and medical processes under the conditions of the space environment, and more. The scientific committee will work to give impetus to Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation in space through extensive collaborations and will work to establish and strengthen Israeli technological advancement among the international community.

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