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The reflection of light also indicates: the earth is warming/Dr. Assaf Rosenthal

Dr. Assaf Rosenthal

Global climate, its prediction and understanding is still one of the more complicated problems. We all know that the trend in the last hundred years is warming and most researchers agree that this trend is mainly due to the emission of pollutants by human society.
A well-known and well-known phenomenon is the reflection of sunlight (in a form similar to a mirror) by the atmosphere, this phenomenon is called albedo. Since the albedo cannot be measured directly, the radiation of sunlight from the earth that the moon reflects is measured, a kind of photograph through two mirrors. Measurements conducted at an observatory in California gave data that caused confusion and a rethinking of the functioning of pollutants from human sources.
In the last fifteen years of the twentieth century, measurements showed that the albedo was decreasing. The decrease was attributed to the control of particle emissions, but since 2000 the albedo has increased, meaning more light is reflected back into space. Seemingly a contradiction since it is known that the warming results from the "entrapment" of light/heat by greenhouse gases, but the accepted explanation is that the effect of the greenhouse phenomenon increases and intensifies and "achieves" the albedo.
The continuation of the warming trend is also attributed to the observed changes in the shape and amount of clouds since clouds are like a blanket that keeps the heat of the atmosphere or a mirror that reflects light.
At any given time, about half of the globe is covered by clouds that reflect more sunlight into space than land or water surfaces
Thus moderating the warming, it turns out that a thin layer of clouds in the atmosphere constitutes a "blanket" that preserves heat, while low clouds reflect more light and thus prevent warming.
Satellite data show that in recent years the balance between high clouds and low clouds has been disturbed. High clouds - warming - make up a majority of about 15% compared to the low clouds - cooling. That is, another cause of global warming.
Looking back, it turned out that a similar phenomenon - of an increase in the amount of high clouds - was in the years 1960-1980. To this day, the attempts to understand the reasons and causes of these changes have not given clear answers, but the researchers suspect that the human hand is involved here as well. That is, it is possible that the emission of substances whose effect is unknown and unrecognized, substances that cause a change in the structure of the clouds and thus, again cause climatic changes that are not natural.

Interesting for almost the same thing. The oil companies reported huge profits and the question arises, profits for whom? What is the real cost of profits? New Economics Foundation (NEF). It is an economic company that works in cooperation with the World Organization for Conservation of Nature (WWF). Oil company Shell reported a profit of more than £10 billion.
According to Nef calculations, the emission of one ton of carbon dioxide causes pollution that costs human society 20 pounds / the result of the economic activity of one oil company is the emission of 1458 million tons of carbon dioxide, which means the cost to human society is about 30 billion pounds "ninth.
And now again we will ask the question at the beginning of the episode - who profited?

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