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The CEO of the Japanese ISPACE admits: the Hakuto-R spacecraft crashed on the moon

As in the case of the Bereshit spaceship, the landing phase is critical * The person who was the chairman of the Israel Space Agency at the time of the Bereshit spaceship crash says in a conversation with the Hidaan site: "In the Bereshit the engine was turned off due to human error, we have to wait and see what happened today"

to the original news that was updated at the time of the crash

The last communication from the Hakuto-R spacecraft three seconds before the scheduled landing. Screenshot from the live broadcast
The last communication from the Hakuto-R spacecraft three seconds before the scheduled landing. The spacecraft was 80 meters above the surface of the moon, at a speed of 31 km/h. Screenshot from the live broadcast

Another lander crashed on the moon. The Hakuto-R lunar lander, launched by Japan's ispace in December 2022, was scheduled to land on the moon earlier today, on April 25, 2023. If successful, it would be the first privately funded lunar landing. But like the previous attempt, she crashed.

"We have already confirmed that we maintained communication with the spacecraft until the end of the landing - but now we have lost communication, so we have to assume that we were not able to complete the landing on the surface of the moon," said the founder and CEO of ispace, Takeshi Hakamahada, minutes after the landing attempt. "Our engineers will continue to investigate the situation."

Ispace had a different approach than previous missions to the moon. It tried to land its spacecraft on the moon as a for-profit business and not under the flag of one country. Ispace is one of several entities that competed in the Google Lunar XPrize competition, which offered a $20 million prize to a company that could place a robotic rover on the moon, travel several miles and transmit data back to Earth. In the end, after a change of several target dates, it was decided in 2018 to cancel the competition, and the two competitors - the Japanese company Ispace and the Israeli association SPACEIL. After the crash of the Genesis spacecraft in 2019, the Japanese were left alone in the arena but now they too have failed.

However, two more spacecraft are currently being built for the Japanese company and are scheduled for launch in the next two years. Israel is also working on the development of Genesis 2, but the schedule is still far off.

The Israeli lesson

The phase of landing on the moon is a critical phase, which must pass without technical or human failures. The crash of the HAKOTO-R spacecraft a little over an hour ago on the moon looks like a replay of the malfunction that caused the spacecraft to crash in the beginning, that is, at about the same stages.

Yitzhak Ben Israel, former chairman of the Israel Space Agency: "In the beginning there was human error, it is still not clear what caused the Japanese spacecraft to crash.

"What happened in Genesis is that one of the backup systems broke down. At this point the message should have been simply ignored. Someone in the control room pressed a button that reset the Genesis computer. Resetting the computer a few kilometers above the moon means turning off the engine, which is the critical braking factor in the landing process. If he hadn't pressed the button, the spacecraft might have landed."

"That's life. I can only share in their grief. I know that feeling.”

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  1. The main thing is that 52 years ago people landed on the moon, walked on it and were not satisfied with that. They even managed to take off from him no less and no more, and return back to the city.
    All this with primitive technology, all with outdated computers. Today, 50 years later, they fail to land an unmanned spacecraft. There is no doubt that the moon landing is one of the USA's biggest lies.

  2. We need to add a system that is built on the assumption that there will be a crash. It's a shame for such an expensive project without a scientific contribution.

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