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The fourth phase of the national drone project is underway - night flights in the center and in Byruham

CEO of the Innovation Authority Dror Bin: "This is another significant milestone in which all the partners, both public and private sector, are establishing an innovative model both for drone manufacturers and operators as well as for the Israeli public"

Night flights of the national drone project, 19/12/2021. Photo: Chen Baram, Hartek.
Night flights of the national drone project, 19/12/2021. Photo: Chen Baram, Hartek.

The national drone project, which first began its flights over urban areas in Israel in January 2021, is getting underway with the fourth phase, in which 5 autonomous drone network management and operation companies that received the support of the Innovation Authority as part of the pilot program are participating, as well as other companies and entities with drone fleets that wish to take part in the experiment the leading in the world.

Starting on Sunday 19/12 and for two weeks, the participating companies are expected to perform day and night flights in the Gush Dan region and will contribute to the assimilation of drone uses into routine, tasks of transporting basic products and first aid, operating a drone related to real-time monitoring of road traffic with artificial intelligence-based components that allow providing predictions and more.

Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority: "As part of the fourth pulse, the drone project takes one step forward with additional and challenging tasks and expands the envelope of performance and possibilities for civilian uses of drone technology. This is another significant milestone in which all the partners, both public and private sector, establish an innovative model both for drone manufacturers and operators and for the Israeli public. Such cooperation is a catalyst for other entities such as the rescue units, the local councils and other commercial entities to get involved and experience the capabilities and potential embodied and demonstrated in this experiment."

Eyal Biliya, MM Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Ayalon Routes: "The national drone project of the Ministry of Transportation, the Ayalon Routes Company, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Smart Transportation Administration and the Innovation Authority is part of the plan to deal with road congestion. First, by proving the ability of the drone operation system to monitor events and analyze traffic loads, from the Metropolitan Traffic Management Center of Gush Dan in Savidor led by the Ayalon Routes Company. And secondly, by proving the ability to help move small goods in city centers by paving virtual routes for drones. Studies have found that 20% of the congestion problem in the city centers is due to the movement of small goods, therefore the operation of the drones can help in both aspects - both in the aspect of monitoring and analysis and in the operational aspect of creating new transportation routes that will lighten the existing loads while building the regulation that supports their ongoing operation in the areas The overall urban movement".

YoAl Peldesho, director of RTA: RTA is an active partner in the national drone project and is the one that enables the development in the risk management process of examining future models of operating commercial drones that will be backed up by appropriate regulation. Instance number 4, which takes another step in examining the future control architecture in the world of urban deliveries by drones. The State of Israel is probably the most advanced country in the world in the actual examination of the expected control architectures in the airspace - U-SPACE (Unmanned airspace), which is examined in light of the innovative European regulation published by the European Safety Agency (EASA). RTA directs the large demonstrations in accordance with the future legislative outline, thereby preparing and "maturing" the Israeli economy - both the Israeli space that will be ready for urban drone deliveries, and the drone control companies, which will be able to advance in the international market and all this without To compromise on the requirements for safe operation for the public and the other elements of manned aviation."

Israel's National Drone Project, which originates from a collaboration between the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Transportation (through the Ayalon Routes Company), the Civil Aviation Authority (RATA) and the Smart Transportation Directorate, was established with the aim of promoting the operation of drones for the public benefit, in order to help reduce road congestion and establish a network National air routes are managed for the transportation of medicines, vaccines, tests and medical equipment, deliveries in the retail market and more.

Night flights of the national drone project, 19/12/2021. Photo: Chen Baram, Hartek.
Night flights of the national drone project, 19/12/2021. Photo: Chen Baram, Hartek.

These are the companies participating in the demo:

  • Highlander Aviation Ltd. and Kando - Highlander Company, is a company that enables advanced autonomous aerial control and control to manage drone fleets and is currently a leading UTM (Unmanned traffic management) solution in the world, providing autonomous solutions in the areas of Delivery, First Response and Public Safety. The system manages the airspace and all tasks in real time and in a fully autonomous manner. Cando Drones is a drone airline that builds and manages fleets of autonomous drones. Cando Drones provides a complete (TurnKey) and adapted solution, which includes: organization of the airspace, treatment of regulation, characterization of the solution and integration of the systems, management of ground logistics, implementation, training and professional and technical support. The types of projects in which the company deals include the integration of drones in the fields of security, deliveries and mapping. The missions will be launched from a mission-only drone pad by a new system that autonomously manages the airspace.
  • The company Platops / Simplex Interactive Ltd - The company and Simplex are the first in Israel to be approved for group flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Beyond Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions and have since performed many hundreds of operational sorties in complex urban spaces. B, the technology of Plateops manages the complex and challenging airspace in Tel Aviv and its surroundings, which enables delivery activity and the operation of commercial drones and is coordinated for all the companies participating in the project.
  • Hartek Technologies Ltd - Hartek Technologies develops advanced control and control systems for the autonomous management of flocks of unmanned platforms in the air, at sea and on land. As part of the pilot, Hartec demonstrates a control and control system for the management and flight of drones of various types in managed airspace and in an autonomous manner, while: performing multi-drone missions in full autonomous coordination, managing the space and maintaining safety laws, taking into account the tools operated by other parties. Hartek performs planning, control and monitoring of aircraft manufactured and operated by the "Copterfix" company as well as other manufacturers.
  • Playtech Company (FT Aerial Solutions Ltd.) - A subsidiary of Aerodrome Group Ltd. - Playtech specializes in operating remotely manned aerial platforms for civil and defense applications. Operates in the fields of civil engineering and construction, agriculture and renewable energy and safety and security. The company is a leader in the field of flight services for the civilian world and holds a license to operate drones beyond line of sight and is the first to authorize a drone operator to fly beyond line of sight.
  • Aerovision Drones Ltd. - Airwayz has an artificial intelligence (AI) based system for intelligent management of airspace and drone fleets. The pilot is being carried out with the company's two systems: a system for dynamic UTM management of an airspace full of drones, with the help of advanced artificial intelligence that "learns" the airspace and manages all the different flight systems and synchronizes them in the city's skies - and a fleet management system for the autonomous flight of fleets of drones for various missions in the smart city.
  • Skylinks Technologies Ltd. - Skylinx builds the technological infrastructure and services required to enable the operation of unmanned aircraft (including drones) while emphasizing operation in urban areas, with the aim of enabling continuous and safe operation for different operators and for different uses.
  • Blue-White Robotics Company (BWR) - Blue and White Robotics Company develops autonomous tools and swarm control systems on the ground and in the air for the city and agriculture. As part of the pilot, the company will present an activity that will include compatibility testing of the 'Soteria' system, which allows planning, control and control of a large number of drones, of different types and for different tasks in the same field cell, autonomously without the need for an operator for each drone, day and night, and continuously 24/7. Among other things, the operation of a drone related to aerial traffic monitoring at central interchanges of Ayalon routes will be demonstrated.
  • "Wonder Robotics" company - that you will demonstrate a precise, autonomous and safe landing capability while "identifying and cleaning the landing surface" using algorithms from the field of artificial intelligence/computer vision.

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