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The first Israeli astronaut ordered kosher food for his space flight

Col. Ilan Ramon will test kosher lasagna and chicken dishes with rice and vegetables

Lieutenant Colonel Ilan Ramon, who is expected to be the first Israeli to fly into space, asked the American space agency to prepare kosher food for him for his flight on the space shuttle.

Since 1998, Ramon has been training at the NASA center in Houston, Texas, in preparation for his launch, which will probably take place during the next year. Ramon is not the first Jewish astronaut, but he is the first to ask NASA to prepare kosher food for him in a special way. "I'm not religious," explained Ramon, "but in line."
As the first Israeli astronaut, I feel like a representative of the entire Jewish people, so I asked for kosher food."

Rabbis in the USA responded enthusiastically to Ramon's request. "This is a small step for Col. Ramon, but a giant step for the Jewish people all over the world," said Rabbi Yossi Denburg of the Chabad community in Florida.

To satisfy Ramon's request, NASA contacted the company "MY OWN MEALS" from Illinois, which specializes in preparing ready-to-eat kosher food in closed packages, usually intended for vacationers
At the campsite and for the soldiers in the US Army who are in the field. Among the company's products, Ramon chose to try the lasagna and the chicken and beef dishes with rice and boiled vegetables.

Gabi Kessler, New York, Maariv

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