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The earth will warm even if the amount of greenhouse gases emitted is reduced

A NASA study states that the damage to the environment and the warming of the earth as a result of the increased emissions of greenhouse gases has already been done, and that even if the emissions stop now, the earth will still warm
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Earth's climate will warm in the next 50 years whether or not greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. This is according to a study published by NASA last Thursday (September 19, 2002).
If all countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will be possible to slow down the warming, but in any case, a computerized climate model states that it will occur.
According to the lead researcher on the project, James Hansen, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at the current rate, the global temperature will increase by 1-2 degrees Celsius. However, if the emission of carbon dioxide does not increase at the current rate of growth, but rather the rate of growth slows down, and if all countries cut the emission of the real air pollutants - those that are harmful to humans - the temperatures will rise by three quarters of a degree.
The climate model provides a convincing demonstration that the global warming that has slowed down in the last fifty years was caused by changes in the Earth's energy balance. say the researchers. During this period, human activity had a great impact due to the emissions of carbon dioxide and methane that turned the earth into a blanket that contained the radiation. This spinning process, which in itself attracts the rise in temperature, will not stop now, even if the cause of it - emissions - stops.
Hanassen is based on data from NASA's Goddard Institute in New York, but the research itself was shared by 19 institutions, including seven universities, federal agencies, private industries and other centers of NASA itself, and was funded by NASA. The results were published in the Journal of Geophysical and Atmospheric Studies.

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