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The countdown to the last shuttle night launch is in full swing

Nancy Atkinson, editor of Universe Today reports from the Kennedy Space Center that everything is going well for the launch on Sunday early morning local time (11:39 Israel time)

Endeavour, 3 days before the expected launch of February 7, 2010. Photo: Nancy Atkinson
Endeavour, 3 days before the expected launch of February 7, 2010. Photo: Nancy Atkinson

By Nancy Atkinson, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

The STS-130 mission of the space shuttle Endeavor will take off in the early morning hours local time in Florida this coming Sunday, February 7, 2010 (11:39 Israel time towards noon).

This will be the last night launch in the shuttle program. "Everything is going smoothly so far. We are on schedule and will continue to work until launch day." NASA Test Manager Jeff Spaulding said during a launch preparations status update three days before launch at the Kennedy Space Center. Only the weather is likely to cause any problems, with forecasters putting the chance of good weather for the launch at 70%, with high-altitude winds the main source of concern on Sunday morning.

The seven astronauts will board two not very large components to the space station, Tranquility - which will serve as a junction within the station's avenue and a cupola, an observation deck that will give a 360 degree view of the Earth, the station and the space station. It will also serve as a robotic workstation. After these two additions, the station will be 98% ready.

Tranquility, also known as Node 3, was built in Italy under the auspices of the European Space Agency and in coordination with NASA. This is one of the complex modules we put on the station," said NASA Payload Manager Joe DeLay. "The component whose total weight reaches about 15 tons, weighs 3.6 tons more than any other component in the station.

According to Dalai, after adding the component, the area of ​​the station will be larger than that of a 5-room house. Together with all the storage volume at Tranquility, the station will reach a volume of 100 cabinets the size of telephone booths and will support equipment that will allow a staff of six people to exist at the station. During the launch, the volume of the component will be used to load 33 bags of items for use by the team.

To Nancy Atkinson's blog with the experiences from the launch

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  1. In the article it is written "the station will reach a volume of 100 cabinets the size of telephone booths". I know that they try to make simple analogies to make people from the settlement more interested in scientific things and to simplify the complicated concepts, but one should not exaggerate it is an insult to intelligence. What will they write to make children like science? The station with a volume of 5000 Cornflakes Cheerios boxes?!
    The public must also be educated except for scientific thinking. I am sure that the majority know what MK or QOB is in the vernacular and those who do not know will ask and learn and for those who are not interested even silly analogies will not help.

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