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Israeli Science Day will take place this week (2/4/2020) in the digital space

The fight against Corona caused the cancellation of the physical events that were supposed to take place around March 14th 

Science Day 2020. Courtesy of the Ministry of Science
Science Day 2020. Courtesy of the Ministry of Science

The Ministry of Science and Technology decided to hold the Israeli Science Day again this year, but this year, following the Corona crisis, all the activities that had been done so far in dozens of complexes, academic institutions and science museums, moved to activities in the digital space.

This Thursday, April 2.4.2020, 10, starting at 00:XNUMX a.m., there will be scientific activities, games, lectures, workshops and experiments for children, youth, adults and the whole family at the Ministry of Science and Technology website. All for free and without leaving home. The events are led by the star of the network Oral Tzbari and Dr. Molekula.

Dozens of science institutions and museums participate in Israel Science Day: the Jerusalem Science Museum, MadaTech Haifa, the Israel Space Agency, the Davidson Institute, Oranim College, Carso Science Park, Tel-Hai College, the Junction Institute, Alxami College and the Dead Sea Desert and R&D.

All activities on the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology

The Minister of Science and Technology, MK Ofir Akunis: "Technology allows us to connect with our favorite people in a time of crisis and now it also allows us to celebrate Israel Science Day with technological tools adapted to the difficult times we are going through - this is an excellent opportunity to salute the people of science, medicine and technology who lead the The fight against Corona. This day is an important reminder of the achievements that humanity has already achieved, of the endless hunger to discover and explore, find solutions and protect the lives of all of us."

Israel Science Day is held every year usually around March 14, Albert Einstein's birthday. This year, in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic around the world, it was decided to transfer all the activities planned in ten different centers in Israel to the digital space, so that the children and youth can enjoy experiential workshops, home experiments and live demonstrations.

Indoor aviation experiments, live scientific magic, meetings with Dr. Molecule, molecular cooking in real time and even a rap and hip hop workshop are some of the attractions that will await children, teenagers and adults in a long line of websites. The concentration of activities is pending on the website of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

As part of this day, the Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology will celebrate Yuri's night: "Meuri to Genesis", where we will celebrate with a host of virtual events the breaking of the boundaries of humanity in space - starting with Yuri Gagarin, the first man launched into space, to Genesis, the Israeli spacecraft that was launched to the moon.

Among the events that will take place this year:

• The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem will offer a variety of events for the whole family starting at the age of 4. At their center is a series of meetings with Dr. Molekula - explanations and experiments on air pressure, static electricity, elasticity, equilibrium, gravity, the properties of water, states of aggregation and more. In addition, podcasts will be broadcast on the subject of supreme memory, the fight against bacteria, DNA and screens or books? And short videos will be shown on various topics (the incandescent light bulb, Jacob's ladder, electric friction, the Roman arch and more).

• The Davidson Institute for Science Education will offer activities for children and youth: "hit the expert" sessions where you will be able to ask the lecturers any question on the subject of the lecture: everything you wanted to know about the corona virus, a journey to the underwater viruses, who is the surprising asteroid and what do they really mean when they say that baking is science accurate "Science at home" workshops during which viewers can take part in the experiment. In addition, we will screen short science videos and videos showing experiments that can be conducted in every home - how to make stars from toothpicks, how to deal with particularly spicy food, ice cream without a freezer, and more.
• Medatech, the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space at the Technion, Haifa will present live broadcasts on scientific topics and the audience at home will be able to join in and perform for themselves: can dragons exist in reality?, live scientific magic, live aviation - how do you build a propeller and how do you make a ball float? In addition, videos will be shown, including a musical science show with Dr. Ronan Mir and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the science show "Caution Academy" and a children's meeting with astronaut Neil Armstrong.

• At Oranim College, the best lecturers from the Faculty of Sciences will lead a series of lectures: Why should you not take antibiotics for the flu and why is it so difficult to fight the Corona virus?, gardening at sea - coral forestry and reef regeneration, life on the edge - from the depths of the sea to the heights of space, and also experiments in physics and chemistry that can be done from home as well.

• Desert and Dead Sea R&D has initiated a series of lectures for children, families and adults, and at the end of each lecture there will be a meeting that includes quizzes and conversations: the kingdom of the tails in the Jujube Reserve, what can be learned from small fossils about the extinction of the dinosaurs?, zebrafish as a model for ALS disease, desert plants as a source of medicines, herbs Sea and global warming, small insects - big ecology, earthquakes and emergency preparedness, from the Ramon Crater to Mars, man, environment and desert, climate change and floods in the Arava, hunter-gatherers during the ice age in the Arava, what is the connection between preserving nature and epidemic outbreaks and more. In addition, there will be a workshop for young astronauts, the large crater quiz and joint construction of a rain gauge.

• At Tel Hai College, the students of the junior division will be offered a group of experiments and activities in the field of food alongside lectures for adults on food and nutrition during the Corona period.

• Carso Science Park in Be'er Sheva will hold four activities starting at 10:00 a.m. and every round hour: big science in small - electricity, pressure and optics, what do we do with balloons?, chemistry behind everything, acids and bases and we will learn about molecular cooking - together we will prepare the usual food that we Love unconventional flavors (onion, lemon, raspberry, chocolate flavored pasta and more).

• Lectures in the Arabic language at Aleximi College: strengthening the immune system with means from nature, learning science through a collaborative board, Monty Hall and the theory of probability, plants to cure diseases, corona in children's eyes, solar system quiz and more.

• For the religious audience, the Junction Institute will offer interactive lectures: are the use of electricity permitted on Shabbat, the spaceship in Genesis and the challenges of Halacha - is there Shabbat in space? A safety experiment on the Shabbat plate - what happens to the towel when you put aluminum foil on the Shabbat plate to increase the heat (don't try this at home), matzah, leavening and oxidation - just before Passover about oxidation processes, what is the status of screens on Shabbat and more.

• The Israel Space Agency at the Ministry of Science will invite the viewers to learn how rap and hip-hop are done and how is this related to space travel? Tell the story of five of the 400 people who worked so that the Apollo 11 spacecraft would reach the moon, including the Israeli entrepreneur Efi Arazi, during the days of isolation at home we will hear about the astronauts who experience isolation regularly while in space, Kafir Demari on Genesis which taught him that even the impossible is possible , you are invited to the workshops to create rockets and astronaut helmets from materials found in every home and to join a yoga class just like the astronauts in space.

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