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Six leading research institutes in Germany issued a statement fearing for the freedom and autonomy of science and research in Israel

The declaration is jointly signed by the Max Planck Society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Helmholtz Society and the German Council for Sciences and Humanities

Damage to Israeli science. Produced using Dali 2.
Damage to Israeli science. Produced using Dali 2

In a joint statement published on Thursday (20/7/2023), the heads of six German science organizations expressed their concern for academic freedom in Israel if the proposed legal reforms move forward.

The declaration is jointly signed by the Max Planck Society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Helmholtz Society, the German Council for Sciences and Humanities.

"|"Scientific cooperation with Israel, a leading country in research and innovation, is essential for us. In light of decades of inspiring knowledge exchanges and the special relationships between research organizations in our countries, we feel obligated to take a position regarding the latest developments that may have a negative impact on international cooperation."

"In particular, we share the concerns of our colleagues and friends in Israel that the current legal reform plans endanger academic freedom and may greatly limit our shared scientific and innovative potential. We firmly believe that the freedom of research and the autonomy of academic institutions are essential for the continued prosperity of companies in Israel, Germany and the world."

For the announcement on the Max Planck Institute website

More of the topic in Hayadan:

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  1. When it is forbidden to teach about evolution in schools. The Civil Service Commissioner opposes the study of evolution, for example. So you will understand who we are dealing with in the new regime.

  2. Are these the same research institutes that studied the supremacy of the Aryan race?

    And why only 6 research institutes? It's not really convincing, you need more.

    Is the money in the propaganda funds running out?

  3. To Yossi - a sea of ​​material has been published on the subject, including warnings from lawyers/senior military personnel/administrators including Dan Meridor, Matan Netanyahu (Shel's cousin), Amnon Rubinstein and many Yemenis.
    Or in other words: Poland-Hungary.
    Whoever writes "How do these concerns manifest in reality?" He probably buried his head in the sand because he doesn't want to see.
    And a shame that he even came to write a comment that is all based on ignorance (=ignorance)

  4. Well, and…

    What did the "research institutes" do besides lick the points they were fed by the York Times and the like (which has long since lost any shred of credibility), and these were fed by the mainstream press in Israel (which are key political players in the current turmoil, and are horribly biased), and these were fed by The advertising agencies financed by Ehud Barak and a host of foreign European funds?

  5. "We share the concerns of our colleagues and friends in Israel", meaning, we heard that our friends are afraid, so we fear our friends without understanding why our friends are afraid.
    Now we see the true face of the minority that lost the elections. Trying in every possible way, even if by cutting the branch it sits on, to force the majority.

    One question: How do these concerns manifest in reality? Are the "concerns" immersed in political opinions or is there something concrete or are they just concerns?
    In short, nonsense at every possible level.

  6. Yonatan Goren - In the 80s Likud was another liberal party, not the Harkav-Amsalam-Kishkeshta party that it is today.
    And Ben Gavir has not yet been arrested for the first time.
    The truth is that I've had enough of explaining the situation to 20+ year olds, and I'm starting to think that maybe voting should be limited to older ages.

  7. Well, if Guy Bachur said that the Union is coming to an end, then he must know.
    In the future, we will tighten foreign relations with Hungary, and we will replace the US aid with the aid we will receive from China, which will also mediate between us and Iran, because it has an interest in having peace in the region.
    This is all a quote from a friend who just went out to smoke some good stuff on the balcony.

  8. First of all, if it's all about the reason for reasonableness, why didn't they present the version of the President's house, but the original version, in which there is a cancellation and not a reduction of the reason for reasonableness. And besides, you can't look at it as a thing by itself, but as part of a whole set of laws, both the official enforcement laws and many small laws such as the closing of the women's lobby, which cumulatively cause the country to not be democratic.

  9. They exaggerated - they turned the country into a dictatorship - the probable cause did not exist before 1980 - we were a democracy even then, stop exaggerating - those Israelis - who tell the world and us that we have become a dictatorship - they are the ones who are causing damage to the country, your destruction is enough, calm down

  10. When the Germans are worried, it means that it is right to increase the pace - let's get right to the pedal

  11. The article is from the Max Planck Institute website. As for encouraging Putin's agitation against the European Union, those who claim it should be ashamed.

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