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Seven new members join the Israeli National Academy of Sciences

Prof. Yanon Ben Naria, Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. PR photo
Prof. Yanon Ben Naria, Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. PR photo

As every year during the Hanukkah holiday, tomorrow (Tuesday, the third candle eve of Hanukkah, November 30, 2021) the open meeting of the general assembly of the Israel National Academy of Sciences will take place. The seven new members elected to the Academy will give their debut lectures at the event. The academy now has 136 members.

The new members will be greeted by the incoming president of the Academy of Sciences Prof. David Harel and his deputy Prof. Margalit Finkelberg.

And these are the new members:

  • Prof. Yanon Ben-Naria, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Prof. Muhammad Haj-Yahia, School of Social Work, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Prof. Yeshayahu Talmon, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Nira Lieberman, School of Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Maren Nihoff, Department of Israel Thought, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Prof. Sami Samuha, Department of Sociology, University of Haifa
  • Prof. Sharit Kraus, Department of Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University

The president of the academy, Prof. Harel, says that the academy is blessed with the addition of these elite researchers, with whose help it will continue to develop the extensive scientific activity in Israel in the coming years and promote its national and international goals.

Prof. Harel also says: "Today there is a deep dichotomy in relation to science: on the one hand, the climate crises and the pandemic bring with them a growing reliance on science and appreciation for those involved in it, and on the other hand, there is also evident skepticism in the public, and sometimes even war, regarding scientific progress and its importance. A large gap also exists between the obvious importance of spiritual and cultural values ​​and the attitude of the public towards the humanities and social sciences. I am convinced that the new companies and members who join us this year will be able to help the academy fight these phenomena as well as false beliefs and false information concerning science, and strengthen rational-scientific thinking. The centrality of science in our lives must be reflected to the decision-makers and the general public."

The Israel National Academy of Sciences is the highest body in the scientific community in Israel. It was founded by law in the year 1961 (XNUMX) to bring together the best scientists in Israel, to foster and promote scientific activity in the country, and to advise Israeli governments regarding research and scientific planning of national importance.

The public is invited to watch the ceremony live     

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