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Stixpay's satellite connectivity technology was demonstrated for the first time with the European and British space agencies and the ONEWEB company

The project, which incorporates OneWeb low-orbit satellites, is expected to accelerate advanced connectivity in aircraft and motorized applications on land and sea

(Rehovot, July 6, 2022)  SatixFy, the developer and manufacturer of satellite communication chips, announced today that the 5th generation satellite connectivity technology it developed was demonstrated for the first time as part of the Sunrise project of the European and British space agencies.  

Stixpay develops and manufactures chips integrated into modems and antennas designed for advanced satellite communication systems. Among other things, Stixpay is developing an advanced antenna that enables electronic direction and management of several transmission and reception beams at the same time. The company's products are intended, among other things, for the space and aviation markets and ground communication.

In a demonstration that took place on June 28 at the space agency's facilities in Harwell, England, the electronic antenna developed by Stickspay was linked to beams from several LEO and GEO satellites at the same time - and information in 5th generation technology was successfully transmitted. Stixpay's compact antenna was installed on top of a vehicle, and at the same time connected to a GEO satellite at an altitude of 36,000 km and LEO satellites at an altitude of 1,200 km of OneWeb, one of today's leading satellite communication service providers, which is also a partner in the project. The antenna demonstrated capabilities to switch between beams and frequencies, and enabled real-time audio and video connection.   

According to the CEO of Stixpay UK, Simona Gat, the results of the trial so far strengthen Stixpay's position in the growing market of 5G communication via satellite. According to the research company Northern Sky, this market is expected to reach about 35 billion dollars in 2030.

First test for fast satellite communication in low orbit

The director of the communications division at the European Space Agency, Elodie Vieau, said: "The collaboration between the teams of the European and British space agencies, OneWeb and Stickspay enabled the first test of its kind in the field of high-speed satellite communications. The European Space Agency's 5th and 6th generation switchboard, OneWeb satellites and Stixpay's advanced flat antennas will allow us to guarantee high-speed connectivity everywhere.'

The Director General of the British Space Agency, Dr. Paul Bright, said: "This is the first demonstration in the world where space technologies play a vital role in improving connectivity. Stixpay's antenna technology, developed with the support of the British Space Agency, and cooperation with companies such as OneWeb - are expected to accelerate new markets such as vehicles connected to the Internet and autonomous cars."

OneWeb's Chief Technology Officer, Massimiliano Ladvez, added: "We are delighted to partner with Stixpay on a project funded by the European and British Space Agencies. Stixpay's groundbreaking electronic antenna technology will enable fast connectivity in airlines, trains and other means of transportation. The cooperation between us leverages our network of low-orbit satellites with 5th generation networks and traditional GEO satellites, and enables a hybrid solution that guarantees connectivity everywhere - in the air, at sea and in every remote corner of the world.'     

Beyond the Nasdaq

About four months ago StixPay announced its intention to go public through a merger with a SPAC traded on NASDAQ under the symbol EDNC. With the closing of the transaction, StixPay shares are expected to be traded on Nasdaq under the symbol SATX.

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