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Rafael has completed a successful series of experiments with a laser system to intercept drones

As part of the experiment, Rafael's "Drone-Dome-L" system intercepted multiple targets (a flock of drones) as well as maneuvering targets

Doom drone system. Photo: Courtesy of Raphael
Doom drone system. Photo: Courtesy of Raphael

As part of a series of experiments recently conducted in the south of Israel, Rafael's Drone Dome system to protect against drones and UAVs successfully intercepted multiple UAVs, including flocks of drones, as well as targets while maneuvering, using a laser beam. The interception stages included target detection, tracking in daylight and night conditions, and finally, interception by a powerful laser beam.

Rafael's Drone Dome system is designed to deal with the threat of drones and UAVs both in the protection of military forces and facilities, and in the protection of civilian targets, such as airports, public facilities and strategic infrastructures that are increasingly becoming vulnerable with the growing threat of hostile use of drones and UAVs. Drone Dome is designed to provide effective, fast and mobile protection of airspace against hostile drones, while integrating detection and control sub-systems, and in fact provides 360 degree protection in the area where it is placed. The system is modular, portable and custom built to the specific needs and requirements of the user, while maintaining a high level of safety to reduce damage to the environment. The system has already been sold to several customers around the world, including the British Army.

Drone Dome is part of Rafael's advanced air defense systems, which include "Iron Dome","Magic WandThe "Spider" system and more. Together, these systems form an envelope of defensive solutions as part of the layered defense concept, according to which the State of Israel operates.

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  1. It is difficult to understand how this system will be relevant given dozens of drones that will quickly fly towards it at a very low altitude (possible autonomously and certainly remotely controlled) and neutralize it on the way to the real target.

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