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Plastic will replace artificial leather

The study of plastitic materials as a substitute for leather. Raw material for surgeons

Scientists in the USA have developed a plastic material that "repairs itself" - and they believe that it will be possible to offer it as an artificial substitute for human skin, for the needs of plastic surgeons.

A piece of smart plastic like this, automatically reassembles itself after being broken or cracked. She needs only one day to correct herself. The material from which the plastic is made contains microcapsules containing a self-healing chemical component. The behavior of the material is similar to the behavior of human skin tissue when bruised, injured and cracked. There is bleeding - and the skin, afterwards, heals and regenerates.

The research team that carried out the development of the plastic "artificial skin" stated that not only would this material be effective for organ transplants and surgeries, it would also be possible to use it to build missiles and components for space flight vehicles.

The innovation was reported by Scott White and his team from the University of Illinois, to the scientific weekly "Nature". They said that plastic materials that crack or are damaged undergo changes: there are vibrations, bending of the surface and the material also suffers from heat. Sometimes, the damage is deep into the structure of the inner layers of the materials, and it is then not possible to repair or even discover it.

In the experiments conducted with the new material, the plastic that "healed itself" returned to its original stiffness and strength in about 75 percent of the cases.


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