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Nucleic acids in a space laboratory

Two separate teams of researchers, American and European, were able to produce
Amino acids - the most fundamental building blocks of life, the components
the cell nucleus. The researchers created the amino acids in a laboratory experiment
where an exact simulation of the conditions prevailing in the depths of space was carried out.
In doing so, the scientists announced, new evidence was provided for the fact that "the basics of life",
as the amino acids are called, might have reached the earth,
from space

One of the two research teams was from NASA's Ames Research Center
At Moffitt Airport in California and the other, a European team. The researchers
announced that in an experiment, they exposed to ultraviolet radiation frozen mixtures of
molecules, found in clouds of interstellar dust, gas and ice. The result: the material
This one, which was affected by the radiation, contained glycine, alanine and serine amino acids
that play a central role in all living organisms on Earth.

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