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NASA has released a photo of a sunset on Io

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The sun casts a twilight shadow on a world 800 million km away. This is Io, one of the bodies with the most massive volcanic activity in the solar system.
The photo published a few days ago was taken by the Galileo spacecraft. In the picture you can see the peak of Mount Mongibelo, which is 7,000 meters high or about 80 percent of the height of Mt.
The photo was taken when the sun was low in the sky, and it was shining from the left. Thus the image revealed topographical details of the surface of Io. A low escarpment, at a height of 259 meters is seen in the image extending from the upper left to the center of the image.
Few of the Aeo Mountains resemble volcanoes. Instead, Galileo scientists believe that the mountains formed when chunks of the Moon's crust were lifted along fault lines. The angular mountains are considered younger, while the older mountains are characterized by a softer topology.
The image was taken with a resolution of 335 meters per pixel. North is towards the top of the image.

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