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The fight against malaria takes a step forward: a virus capable of infecting the Anopheles mosquitoes

An error in the experiment led to the discovery of a new virus capable of infecting the Anopheles mosquitoes with transgenic genes, and may help eradicate the malaria parasites in their bodies

A new virus has been discovered that is capable of attacking malaria mosquitoes and infecting them with transgenic genes, such as the one that codes for phosphorous green protein.
A new virus has been discovered that is capable of attacking malaria mosquitoes and infecting them with transgenic genes, such as the one that codes for phosphorous green protein.

The malaria parasite attacks over 500 million people every year, killing between one and three million. The reason for the parasite's ability to spread unchecked lies in the way it is transmitted from person to person. The parasite is transmitted through the Anopheles mosquito, which receives the parasite when it sucks the blood of an infected person, and can infect the next person it bites. How can this vicious circle be broken?

The best way would be, of course, to eliminate one of the stages in the circle - and it is desirable that this stage does not contain humans. A drastic solution would be to kill all Anopheles mosquitoes, which would interrupt the cycle of infection. But eliminating all Anopheles mosquitoes in Africa and Asia is no small thing. It is difficult to chase individual mosquitoes, and drying the swamps is not a practical solution in those areas either.

One of the most interesting ideas in this field is the idea of ​​para-transgenesis. Instead of trying to eliminate all Anopheles mosquitoes, we could try to genetically engineer microorganisms that would infect the mosquitoes and impair their ability to carry the malaria parasites. If those micro-organisms give the mosquitoes a survival advantage, then it is likely that within a few generations they will be able to take over the entire mosquito population in that area and practically immunize them against malaria.

As a first step on the way to solving the para-transgenesis, a study was recently published in the scientific journal PLOS, in which the researchers reveal a new biological weapon that may help in the fight against malaria. The scientists discovered the first virus capable of infecting the larvae of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes. The virus attacks the larval cells and inserts DNA segments into them that cause them to produce new viruses. Despite its ability to reproduce among the larvae, it does not appear to harm the larvae, perhaps due to the evolution it underwent under the laboratory conditions in which it was discovered.

Jason Ragson, the senior author of the study and an assistant professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, says that the virus was discovered by chance during routine experiments on mosquito larvae. During the DNA test of the larvae, 'wrong' results were discovered, which were repeated again and again. "It's not uncommon to find errors like this during experiments, but we decided to investigate this one because we've seen it over and over again," Ragson explains. "When we sequenced [the DNA] we were surprised to find that we found a new virus."

Ragson believes that the virus could be engineered to kill the mosquitoes, or to prevent them from transmitting malaria to other creatures. To test the idea, the researchers inserted a gene into the virus that should lead to the production of a green fluorescent protein, and infected the mosquito larvae with the virus. The adult mosquitoes that developed from those larvae successfully received the new gene and produced the phosphorylated protein in their body cells. The infected mosquitoes also passed on the phosphorous gene to their offspring, with a success rate of 20%. The reason for the limited transmission probably lies in the inability of the virus to integrate the gene into the cell genome.

"In theory, we could use a virus to produce a lethal toxin in a mosquito, or order the mosquito to die after ten days, before it could transmit the malaria parasite to humans. But these ideas are still many years away from us," says Ragson.

It will take a long time before we can switch to the use of biological weapons against the malaria parasite, but there is no doubt that its days are drawing to a close. The war against malaria will not go back to what it was: no longer will the heavy hand of man be raised against the mosquito that carries the deadly parasite. The war will move in the coming years to an order of magnitude where the parasite has no advantage. As he infected mankind with malaria for thousands of years, so he himself will be eliminated in a man-made plague.

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  1. The ultra-Orthodox, and especially the "converts" among them, repeatedly prove their complete stupidity with every second word that comes out of their mouths. Such a shallow and despicable level of arguments is not found even in the most primitive Bushmen tribes... Why don't they invent a virus to sterilize the stupidity in their minds?

  2. "Science contradicts the creation of the world described in the book of Genesis" - not that I know of. Are you ready to give specific details? By the way, for a change... well, it doesn't matter... :)

  3. A person,

    I don't know which seculars you are talking about. I am secular, and I am in the company of complete secularists around me. Out of the hundreds of secular people I know, I don't know of a single Jew who wants to declare his religion as the 'only religion' and declare a 'new breed of Jew'. Most people respect the faith of the ultra-Orthodox, but oppose certain traditions in the sector, such as 'Torah is his art'. It is important to note that these traditions were also contrary to the opinion of many Jews throughout history.

    Regarding the claim that God revealed himself to several hundreds of thousands of people at Mount Sinai, it is important to remember that the verses can be interpreted in a wide variety of forms and ways. After all, it is possible that there was simply a big storm, and strong winds, and thunder and lightning. And you know what? It may even be that there were aliens who spoke from the sky. Where is the proof that this is God?

    and one more thing. You agree that the Torah must be subject to today's science, but claim that some of today's science contradicts it. But why actually? You probably know that some of today's rabbis refer to the book of Job as a parable. After all, it is not possible for God to be cruel and abusive to a perfect and great believer like Job, and moreover in response to the devil's stupid provocation!
    Why, then, not also consider the book of Genesis as a parable? There are rabbis in Bar-Ilan, for example, who are ready to accept this idea. Science contradicts the creation of the world described in the book of Genesis, and there is no objection to treating this book as a parable about the relationship between a man and a woman, about the reciprocity between them, about the origin of original sin, and so on. One simply should not take things as they are (and in fact, nowhere in the Torah do we take things as they are, so there is no such leap of faith here).

    In this way, we accept the well-proven law of science and use it to settle disputes between the currents of Judaism. And as you mentioned earlier yourself, such disputes have been settled many times through science, and for the benefit of the entire Jewish culture and tradition.

  4. A person
    You are a wild man, seven things that were enumerated in the cocoon are enumerated in you
    Being rude with a broad mind from the disciples of the evil Balaam
    And not only that, but with the earth from Daorita you are
    on which it was said that it is permissible to snort on Yom Kippur, which began to be on Shabbat to snort and not to slaughter because it does not require a blessing
    Because of your short-sightedness, you have learned to hate and hate others.
    And as he has no knowledge of any scientific subject outside of idle debates, so do his students and you among them
    If you didn't know the tip of science knowledge you would know what Higgs is
    Just as you are ignorant of this, you are ignorant of the Torah according to your style. I am convinced that your knowledge of the Talmud is quite short and perhaps you would like to examine which page of the Gemara you studied and show your knowledge of what you claim to know. I am afraid that apart from typing profanity and idle chatter you have nothing.
    About you it is said Istra in Lagina Kish Kish Kriya.
    Poor in thought and deed. Your power in cursing and slandering already before you caught the art of the evil Balaam.
    And what will you add in your words of free hatred?

  5. A. I was civilized, try being in front of a hostile audience for three hours.
    B. This is my site and I ask you to behave civilly. Do not curse, do not encourage violence against us.

  6. By the way, Adam, I'm really sorry that for a moment I thought you wanted to talk seriously.
    I should have known there was no way.

  7. A person:
    It's completely clear why you don't talk to me.
    You can't answer, so you are condescending and slanderous.
    I have known the phenomenon for more years than you know yourself.

  8. Yes, father, we saw your civility during the debate with Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak...don't be a hypocrite

  9. I didn't talk to you, but to Roy because he sounds like an educated person with whom you can have a serious conversation, which is not the case with you, who closed the Gollel on you a long time ago

  10. Friends:
    You are wasting your time on a person.
    He sealed his mind to logic and he even says so himself.
    He knows to whom the prophecy was given, but he predicts what will happen if God forbid he answers the questions asked.
    The scientific method, if he had understood it, would have taught him that all that needs to be done to invalidate a theory is to perform an experiment that disproves it.
    For example - if someone thinks he is an idiot and presents him with a question that he thinks he won't be able to solve - all he has to do to put this person in his place is to solve the question.
    Of course - he can only do this if the theory that he is a jerk is wrong. Otherwise - all he can do is predict what would happen if he solved the question.

  11. Against those who do not dispute the existence of God, I have no dispute. My problem begins with those who hold science to frost and that's where all the foam comes from.
    And regarding what you wrote about the Rambam that he refrained from introducing facts that contradicted science, there is no problem with that, and the Hafef is correct as they say, "There is no judgment but what one's eyes see" and more, "It is not in heaven."
    The Torah must be subject to the sciences of the time unless it contradicts the Torah of Israel such as evolution for example

  12. The verbal violence that comes from the mouths of the ultra-Orthodox and their ilk is not for nothing. It comes because of the Zionists' desire to destroy and declare a new breed of Jew, and we are not ready to accept such contempt.

  13. Roy,
    It is true that Moses can be called a sorcerer and for this reason the verse "And they believed in God and in Moses their servant" was only said after the splitting of the Red Sea because from this it is proven that God was involved in the whole process and not Moses' ability to cast spells and what is more that everyone saw visions of God and heard his voice unlike Jesus who did not have And God has nothing to do with it
    It is true that such are found in every religion because the stories there are true. I do not dispute the fact that Jesus walked on water and that Muhammad performed miracles. I am sure that this is the absolute truth, but masterful ability does not prove anything. The only proof is whether God revealed himself to millions or not, and this is the only proof.
    Regarding the case I mentioned, I remember reading a book about a man who testifies to such acts, but unfortunately I don't remember the name of the book, but one thing I can show you is how much the leaders of Zionism "respected" me and my tradition,

  14. A person,

    Science does not disprove the existence of God, and never will. Science can never deny existence, but only prove existence. If a scientist comes to you and tells you that they have succeeded in disproving the existence of God, you are welcome to laugh in his face, because he does not understand himself how science works.

    Science is just a method. The method says that we look at the physical world, and avoid discussing the spiritual world. We do not deny the existence of God, but we assume that if he exists, he simply does not interfere in the world on a day-to-day basis. No more, no less. This is all science, and all scientific discoveries are based on this assumption. And by the way, Maimonides continued to do so, and refrained from including in his book mitzvot and laws that contradicted the science of his day. That is, he respected reality more than he respected laws that were based on erroneous assumptions.

    That's why I say again - science does not come to erase the religion of Israel, peace be upon you. As you wrote yourself, controversy only sharpens things, and science adds a different point of view, through which rabbis and commentators have been sharpening the laws and mitzvot for hundreds of years.

  15. A person,

    I am not evil and I am not proud. I'm talking to you at eye level, and I'm happy about the conversation between us.

    I participated in a conversion seminar in my youth. I know what is going on there and have spent years checking the facts presented there by the converts. They present many lies and half-truths, and the seminar is structured in a format aimed at brainwashing. Similar seminars are held on behalf of evangelicals in the United States, and have great success in converting people. Do you think people should come to Judaism with lies, falsehood and deceit, and with the same strategies that the Gentiles use to convert others to Buddhism, Islam and Christianity?

    I am not familiar with the case you describe where religious children were forced to eat pork against their will by secularists. It does sound like a shocking case on the face of it. Can you tell me where it happened?

    I wonder, by the way, how you can explain Jesus walking on the water, in front of tens of thousands of people. Of course you can say that he is a sorcerer, but if so, you can also call Moshe Rabino a sorcerer and cancel all the validity of the Mount Sinai status.

    As for the scientific proofs, such are found in every religion. Please see the following website, which lists all the scientific truths also presented in the Koran, for example:

  16. Roy, you make very good claims here, but you need to understand a number of things and that's it
    A- The science you hold (according to the "there is no God" method) to anyone who has a head in his head will surely agree that this opinion will not be accepted under any circumstances
    And regarding the Rambam and the reason why I issued against him, I recommend you read the book by the Rambam's son, where he explains the reason for this
    There is no problem in disagreeing, and the opposite is true. Disagreement is a healthy thing. From disputes, things become sharper. Therefore, in the end, Rambam and Rasg were accepted.

  17. My father, it is clear that there is no chance because pride is choking you and it was not for nothing that the sages said, "Wicked people even at the entrance of hell do not repent."
    Roy, there is a difference between seminars and torture (by the way, it is a fact that the secular Zionists used it to convert small religious children to their religion, not physical torture, but you will agree with me that cutting off wigs and force-feeding a pig is torture!)
    And what made me sure of the rightness of my ways is the fact that, unlike Christianity, it is based on a small number of people and one great sorcerer, and unlike Judaism, it is supported by the tradition of billions of people (they are not even Jewish) and by a large number of scientific proofs

  18. I would like you to think about one more thing:

    Judaism has always been divided into many currents and different ideas. Every new sage in Judaism was criticized and learned a significant amount of hatred from the other sages, who certainly saw him as a heretic mainly, and were happy to put him in an institute of 're-education'.

    Do you know Saadia Gaon? He is one of those sages who struggled to dominate the rational approach (Semitic mitzvahs versus practical mitzvahs) and his teaching is today a pillar in all currents of Judaism.
    Maimonides? same as above. When his book 'Mishna Torah' was published, many sages came out against him. The same is the case with Rabbi Yosef Karo's Shulchan Aruch, on which most of the contemporary rabbis are based.

    All of these were ridiculed and slandered, called 'epikoros' and hated in their time. And see, if Judaism had indeed changed its character, and a brother had forced a 'disobedient brother' to change his mind, we would not have received these books and laws, upon which all of Judaism is based today!

    This means, in my opinion, that it is very difficult to say who is right and who is wrong. There is a grain of truth in every claim, but you should never force your opinion on Jews (or people in general), as this may result in them missing the greater truth that they saw from the corner of their eyes. And for proof, it is important what would have happened if Rambam, Rabbi Karo and Saadia Gaon had been 'neutralized'.

  19. Adam, I held back so you wouldn't say I'm stalking you, but if I call you names like pigs and other raisins one more time, block me from writing comments on the site.
    You have no chance of converting any of the readers of this site.

  20. A person,

    Evolution does not state that the strongest survives, but the opposite. Evolution has already proven in several studies that when creatures support each other (just like in civilized human society), then everyone benefits - both the weak and the strong. As such, it does not disprove any moral law that I know of, quite the opposite.

    As for me, I do not intend to slaughter any person because I respect his right to live, and as long as he does not try to impose a different way of life on me, I will not impose anything on him.

    And why do I ask about the Inquisition? Because you promised us, your Jewish brothers, in another talkback that a day will come when you will force us to sit in seminars for whole weeks, until we are brainwashed into your version of Judaism. Forgive me, but I see no difference between this promise and the torture and threats of torture of the Inquisition.

    And I will ask another way - what makes you sure that you are right, and the Christian Inquisition is wrong, and therefore gives you the right to impose your version of Judaism on your brother?

  21. The difference between me and the Inquisition is that I see you as a wrong brother and therefore I will not do to you what the Inquisition did,
    The same thing can be asked of you about the Nazis, why one day you won't slaughter the religious because you think they are the best, and according to evolution only the strong survive and there is no place for the weak anyway, but of course I won't ask that because it's a stupid question and it's a shame you asked that way
    But one thing I will do and that is to try to explain to you the error in this terrible belief that you believe in and abandon the true path that should be followed (I have no problem with science, the opposite is true, we owe it a lot, but it causes many people to freeze because they do not investigate deeply )

  22. A person,

    I appreciate your willingness to learn, but I admit that your desire to mock and berate those who do not believe in the Torah of Israel confuses me very much.

    After all, you certainly learned about the period in history when the Spanish Inquisition, its name, pharaoh among the Jewish people. They did this out of their belief that they are the only ones whose religion is a true religion - just as you are doing now.

    What makes you better than the Spanish Inquisition, or the Muslim martyr willing to kill in the name of his God?

  23. I am angry only with those who disrespect the prophecy of Moses and the Torah of Israel, otherwise I will not write a letter of contempt for someone who is not like that (I recommend you see the braggadocio that is placed in their writing)
    Until two years ago I was in a religious high school and I decided to go for a year to get stronger in a yeshiva and in the BA I am starting to like the business there and see the difference between the street and the yeshivot world (studying in an ultra-orthodox yeshiva) but I am not ready to define myself because today there are problems in every sector that is why I take everything from everything even from the secular and even from the Gentiles if there is anything (by the way I recommend everyone to do this).

  24. A person,

    You call us Epicurus, which is a concept with a very clear meaning. If we go according to the Rambam (Halakhot Tshuva, chapter XNUMX of Halachah XNUMX), Epicurus is a person who disbelieves in the prophecy of Moses, in prophecy in general, or "who says that the Creator does not know the deeds of men".

    And that raises more questions. First of all, why don't you have the generalization that we are epicureans? Higgs, for example, seems to me to be supremely religious. And if he is, why do you curse him too? I am sure that others on this site also believe in the prophecy of Moses and the Creator with complete faith, but they also recognize the power of science, and believe that there is no contradiction between the two. Where did you get the right to slander and insult them?

    Which stream of Judaism do you belong to, if I may ask? And if from the ultra-orthodox, which court are you from?

  25. By the way "point mutation".
    There is a guy in the atheism forum in Orange who keeps talking about "point mutations".
    I wonder if it's the same one.

  26. per person
    Either you're pretending, or you're an idiot and a layman - even if you believe in your own way (faith in the creator of the world) you won't harm anyone in any way, and certainly not you!
    In the scriptures it is said "the way of the land preceded the Torah"
    In moderation - have a good evening.

  27. It would be great if malaria could be eradicated.
    Are there studies being done on people recessive for sickle cell anemia?

    The sad part here is that after we eradicate malaria we will have to work harder to eradicate hunger and wars in the Black Continent.

  28. Higgs
    Who gave you the permission to say that we are monkeys lest you take the image of a monkey?!?!?
    The people of the country is a person like you whose main thing is the earthiness in him and there is no spiritual sign in him (except for the air that comes out of his mouth) even though in my opinion you should be called a beast (in case you didn't understand the Hebrew meaning of a beast, what does it mean? That is, it has nothing but flesh and a poor soul!!)

  29. A person
    Who allowed you to cancel the Torah, lest you take it for yourself?
    Don't make yourself like the editors of the judges, shave yourself first and remove Kora from your eyes.
    Remember that rudeness is one of the virtues of the peoples of the lands and why would you hide yourself in such a quagmire

  30. I'm trying to make your head straight and something like this is allowed to cancel the Torah!!

    Oh and "Higgs" I would change the first letter of your name to "OTP" and that would pretty much define you and your friends in case you didn't understand..Pigs in English

  31. A person
    Since you are pure and waiting, all of you are wondering what you are doing here and who you are doing here
    Go to the Beit Midrash to dress your chair
    Why would you associate yourself with fundraisers and detractors unless your soul desires to complete their sleep

  32. May Nefka Mina if you know how old I am?
    But in any case I will tell you that I am 20 and a half (I just hope that my dignity has been returned to me)

  33. Adam, for the sake of the God you bear, and for us to take your words in the proper proportions, and again
    I have no choice but to ask personal questions, as a matter of fact, how old are you? I mean, how old are you?
    Please answer, for your honor.

  34. "The problem is that you can present him with facts and reasoned answers to whatever he may have, and he will ignore them all and say his own again - and he will add and say that you didn't answer him" - it's strange to say something like that. Especially when the opposite is true. And no forest and no bears, just gardens and some discussions.

  35. To my father Blizovsky, I just want to remind you that a week and a half ago you said you would write about the LHC and publish it last Saturday. I just wanted to mention.

  36. Roy,
    for your response,
    Answer the chemical side of my question, to the product, but not to the cause of that product, and therefore we will wait for further answers.
    And regarding my parenting, indeed I am a mother of lovely children, and a wife of a man, I wish everyone, as good as he is, and as active as he is - but
    I am the philosopher of the house, and this is a necessary hour for you too..I hope for the best.

    And as for the other quotes you brought, indeed, they are the main points.

  37. Because it won't help if I answer as a human being, for 2 reasons:

    1- No matter what I say, they will look down on them just as they look down on many rabbis, that's why I choose to look down on them, and there is no problem with that, because Epicurus comes from the whole of Israel and there is no obligation to treat him with respect (I'm not saying that you have to hurt him, but certainly not appreciate and respect him)

    2- All these sage midrashis and many others only show that the Torah educates us to be more honorable human beings and in any case you will understand that the moment the same Torah tells us that "Epicurus has no part in the world to come" and "an evil person who dies is good for him and good for the world", a sign that I am not just treats people like them with disdain,
    Another thing I would like to say is that I have no problem having an in-depth and real debate, but I know the level of superficiality that exists among people like you (I had the chance to argue with a few such people)

  38. Hello everyone .
    I follow with curiosity the thoughts and ideas that are raised here on this site and am very fascinated, therefore please do not get upset by the opinions of others even if they are not "at their best"
    Congratulations to everyone, I hope I continue to enjoy!

  39. One by one, one by one.


    In Africa and Asia there were more than enough conquests and internal wars even without the intervention of the white man, such as the Zulu Empire and the incessant change of emperors in China. There is no need to place the full blame for Africa's troubles on the white man alone.

    And no, I'm not a father. And are you a mother of children?

    In answer to your question, mosquitoes locate humans using their sense of smell from a distance of 30 meters, feeding mainly on carbon dioxide. From a distance of three meters they are able to feel the heat of the body and the blood, and look for blood vessels near the skin. I guess the reason mosquitoes bite some people and not others is because they emit a different level of carbon dioxide, have a lower body temperature, or some other explanation.


    There have already been many discussions on the site with Ermac. The problem is that you can present him with facts and reasoned answers to whatever he wants, and he will ignore them all and say his own again - and he will add and say that you didn't answer him. This is also why there is no point in opening this issue again.

    A person,

    I opened the book of legend in my house, which is a companion to the Talmud and contains many words of wisdom from the sages. For example:

    "May the honor of your friend be as kind to you as your own" - Rabbi Eliezer, ibid.
    "How honorable - the one who respects humanity" - Ben Zuma, Avot D.
    "Love your neighbor as yourself" - Rabbi Akiva says: This is a great rule in the Torah. Ben Ezzai says: "This is a book of Adam's history... in the image of God he made it." Rabbi Tanchuma said: "...Know whom you despise - in the image of God made him."
    "From where does one know in his friend that he is greater than him in even one thing, that he must treat him with respect" said Rabbi Yossi Ish Hotsel.

    Two questions are asked, from Michael's side and from Hugin's side. Why don't you answer, politely, as a human being who respects humanity and the truth?

  40. Well, Michael, so with us, according to your version, my man is sweeter than me.
    But the answer is different../in another aspect.

    But, I wanted you to refer to the discussion you had with A. And point, you mentioned something there.

  41. Hugin:
    The answer to your question is that the people are me and my wife.
    The mosquitoes prefer it because it is sweeter.
    The fact is a fact, but the explanation probably lies in the body temperature and the odors it emits despite the shower.

  42. A person:
    You don't understand what you are talking about.
    To solve the question I gave you, you only need to know how to think.
    More than that - its solution does not appear in any book.
    The one who is arrogant even though he is inferior is you.

  43. hi father
    I said, I will remind you today about my question from last night.
    Besides, I hinted today to you and Roy... also to Michael regarding additional issues that are necessary on this site,
    And maybe to finally bring up for discussion the stigma, prejudice on the same subject, and maybe the use
    The evil that was done with that knowledge, for which wisdom, precious, became assigned and mischievous...
    ..and the way of nature..the wise are silent—-moved to high-tech—and other fields.

    Michael, I do expect you to raise the matter, again.

  44. Hello Armak, welcome back, of course you came back to us not because of evolution, because there is no such thing. Try walking in the forest, see a bear in front of you and keep walking as usual because there is no such thing...

  45. It's not certain that this will help. The bacteria also discover a new kind of resistance to antibiotics every time.

  46. Well, I have a riddle, related to mosquitoes, (and some shy ones, such as lice..someone mentioned them yesterday)

    Two people sit and turn in the same place, outside.
    And we will start from a point of assumption, that both of them are showered, covered with hair, and dressed in summer clothes.
    The question is as follows:
    How is it that one gets stung all the time, and the other doesn't touch it?
    This is not a joke, as usual.. but really a puzzle for her..

  47. Michael:
    A wise man is not a person who has knowledge of one kind or another. A wise man means a person who learns from every person, even a smaller one, as they say, "What a wise man learns from every person"
    And you are currently not a smart person because you are fixated on arrogance and think you are smarter than most of all the science books you have read but in fact you are a big fool

  48. Roy,
    Everything we see today is the result of the intervention of the white man, from the greedy side, which he created
    to their situation.. the conquests throughout history also brought progress to the countries of the world, but as in everything
    thing, and temptation, also corruption.
    We are all saturated and informed quite a bit from long-term history.
    Today we try, each and every one, in groups and in the spirit of people full of lessons, to learn from processes
    and direct our steps correctly... by the way, are you a father?
    of experience, really.
    Accept my words in a good spirit - and in the spirit of the hour.

  49. Hugin,

    You burst into an open door. Are there no articles on the site dealing with the analysis of the beginning of life according to science?

    As for the eucalyptus, I'm afraid nothing is as simple as 'letting people take care of their dignity and freedom', especially not in the horribly corrupt African countries. In those countries, the leaders take every penny that comes from outside, even medicine and food shipments, and refrain from distributing them to the people. Still, the solution is good in its own way, but the solution of the para-transgenesis is greater in scope and impact, and of course - much cooler.

  50. Adam, I personally have no objection to you trying to answer these questions, in your own way. Seriously
    And really, I'm curious!!
    And Roy and my father, I really think that all these topics, in all directions, is real science, inclusive
    The "assigned"...which Michael hinted at yesterday, and I have not yet responded on the matter, precisely because of my appreciation for the wisdom, that he
    There was a mention on this site.
    Personally, I expect you to raise the same questions, for which science was born...even for the mother of sciences
    There is a history and a leading infrastructure.

  51. A person:
    You are welcome to laugh.
    You are also welcome to continue to believe in the horrible nonsense you believe in and to think that you actually know the answer to that "simple" question.
    By the way, if you know how to answer this question then you must be smart and if you are smart then let's see if you can answer the type of questions that even a fool like me knows how to solve:
    A faun is given, some of whose whiskers are black and some are white.
    There are more black wigs than white wigs but no two black wigs share a profession (rib). It is shown that it is not possible to block a ball inside this pawn (to block a ball, in this context, means to construct the ball tangent to all the pawns).

  52. What makes me laugh is the very in-depth discussion you are debating here (an important thing in itself to heal the sick of the world) but despite all of this, science for the most part fails to answer a very simple question.
    how it all began??

  53. Roy??? What does he need irrigation for, if he pumps the swamp water?? Is there something I didn't understand?
    Besides, you and I are not supposed to plant there, you can offer them, maybe send seedlings
    And for their honor and freedom they will do everything to develop their areas...and themselves.
    I believe you understand the principle regarding the limits of intervention.

  54. At the moment not, but in principle it should be possible.

    The problem is that in this case the genetically engineered mosquitoes die while everyone else lives. The result will be that the original mosquito population will not be replaced by the engineered population, because the new mosquitoes do not have a survival advantage.

  55. What if it would be possible to make the mosquito vulnerable to the disease, so that an infected mosquito dies from it... in this way there is no continuity for the virus...

  56. Hugin,

    The eucalyptus trees are effective in a limited way. They can dry up swamps, but they also damage the agricultural capacity of the land. Apart from that, in Africa and Asia any tiny body of water (and even a puddle of several meters) may be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is very difficult to reach all areas of Africa to plant eucalyptus, let alone water them moderately.

    In principle, of course, you are right. This is another step in the right direction, but its effectiveness is limited.

  57. To Roy and..
    It seems to me that sometimes the solutions to metastases and parasites of various kinds may be solved in the simplest way.
    From what little I have gathered... you are Roy, well versed in history as well, aren't you? And not long ago... in history
    In short, we solved the malaria problem by planting eucalyptus trees to eradicate the cause
    The one who attracts those "sick people".
    It turns out that everything is also related to ecological and personal hygiene. Why is it then that all the supporters..the flags of all kinds..don't suggest, from our experience, the planting of eucalyptus forests in those neglected destinations.?
    It is possible that instead of going out into the world, it is incumbent upon us to start going out, "warfare weapons" of all kinds
    Forever, from our good and growing experience, for a change.

  58. A.P. and Roy,

    You are absolutely right, but even genetic engineering in mosquitoes, as it is known to us today, will require the use of viruses to effectively insert the DNA segments into the mosquito's cells. There is no doubt that genetic engineering that will result in the mosquito being vaccinated against the parasite will be an important invention - and in fact, that is what the article focused on.

  59. To Roy
    I'm not sure if this is said in humor or seriously, but if it turns out to be simpler to vaccinate mosquitoes (say by genetic engineering) than humans, then that's not a bad idea.

  60. Perhaps it is possible to invent a vaccine for mosquitoes that will prevent them from contracting malaria, and insert it genetically. That way you don't harm the mosquito population

  61. What a poetic ending. But seriously -

    Past experience shows that the destruction of species or varieties that cause damage of various kinds is an extremely negative thing from an ecological point of view, and usually its reward is at least equal to its loss. It is indeed desirable to focus on solutions focused on the pest itself or its modification and not on destroying carriers.

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