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India launched into space five satellites of other countries on PSLV C-23 rocket

The main payload was a satellite in the French SPOT photography satellite series, and was joined by two Canadian satellites, and nano satellites from Germany and Singapore

PSLV rocket launch. From Wikipedia
PSLV rocket launch. From Wikipedia

On Monday this week, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched five satellites into polar orbit on the PSLV C-23 (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). The launch was carried out from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sariyakota in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India.
India's new Prime Minister Naharendra Modi arrived at the launch site a day earlier to witness the launch for himself. "I feel that I was privileged to witness the event myself" he said when he saw the missile, which is 44 meters high and weighs about 230 tons, take off into space in the morning sky leaving an orange trail and flames coming out of its tail.

The rocket itself is a four-stage PSLV rocket. Its main payload is the French satellite Spot-7 and in addition to it 4 small satellites (weighing 14-15 kg) the German AISAT, the Canadian CAN-X4 and CAN-X4 and a 7 kg nano-satellite from Singapore.
This brings the number of satellites launched by the Indian Space Agency to 35, from 19 different countries, including Israel.

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  1. The concept of India and China does speak of the Southeast Asian countries between India and China. But as far as I know, there was a specific rivalry between the 2 giants. Since America said that Russia is only a local power, it is trying to move into the league of a superpower. In order to realize this, they are trying to break the dominance of The dollar and the American economy. If India buys Israeli weapons, China also wants to. And America and India do not like it. Weapons and space are similar in this regard.

  2. pay attention !!!
    India is….India
    China is... China
    but…. Indo-China is the following countries:
    Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia
    Nice no?

  3. There is great truth in your words about miracles. But a clear policy must be formulated. We work with the dollar bloc, or with other frameworks. It seems that Switzerland could be a model for us. But the ties with America are very important, so a clear policy must be formulated.

  4. I" political text"
    Although I am also in favor of staying away from China (simply because they are bad...), India is not exactly a democracy. India is corrupt at all levels and very difficult to work with. The Chinese are actually more reliable and in my experience easier to work with.

    They are really in a security conflict - but we trade with both of them without any problem.

  5. India's advantage over China is in its democracy. That is why I think it is better to cooperate with it on the space issue. It seems that Bibi prefers China. In my opinion, it is forbidden to cooperate with China in security and space. Since China and India have a security conflict, it is not possible to dance at both weddings.

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