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Prof. Haim Teitelbaum was elected Rector of Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Teitelbaum will take up his position next year 2010, October 16, and is the XNUMXth rector of Bar-Ilan

Prof. Haim Teitelbaum
Prof. Haim Teitelbaum
Prof. Haim Teitelbaum Elected this week by the Senate of Bar-Ilan University as Rector of the University. Prof. Teitelbaum will take up his position next year 2010, October 16, and is the XNUMXth rector of Bar-Ilan, and in his current position serves as the vice rector. Prof. Teitelbaum will replace the outgoing rector Prof. Yosef Manis, who has held his position successfully for the past four years.

Prof. Haim Teitelbaum, born in 1959, married + 4, is a graduate of Bar-Ilan, where he studied at the Higher Torah Institute, graduated with a bachelor's, master's and master's degree in the physics department, as well as a bachelor's degree in the computer science department. In 1991, he completed his doctoral thesis in physics under the supervision of Prof. Shlomo Heblin with an "excellent" grade, won a "Rothschild" scholarship and went on to pursue post-doctoral studies at the University of Maryland and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA. In 1993, he joined the faculty of the physics department, currently holds the rank of full professor.

Prof. Teitelbaum headed the physics department for four years, was the chairman of the student disciplinary committee for three years, and currently serves as the vice chancellor, as the chairman of the student admissions committee, as the chancellor's advisor for the reception of emerging scientists, and as a member of the university security committee.

Prof. Teitelbaum, served until recently in active reserve service as a colonel in the artillery corps. He is a member of the public council for the reserve soldiers next to a chief reserve officer and for over 25 years in the reserves he served as a battery commander, battalion commander and deputy commander of an artillery group. He is also one of the founders of the Majedim and Majhatim Forum in the Reserves.

Academic profile
Prof. Teitelbaum's research work is a theoretical work, the purpose of which is to understand a variety of physical processes in complex systems - physical, chemical and biological, such as reaction-diffusion systems (capture reactions and reaction fronts), physics of interfaces, and the theory of light movement in biological tissues for diagnostic purposes. J. Optical imaging.

Prof. Teitelbaum has so far published about 70 articles in international journals, delivered over 40 lectures (mostly invited) at international conferences, mentored 15 research students (for master's, third, and postdoctoral degrees), won several research grants from the National Science Foundation and from the Ministry of Science, and was a partner in organizing international scientific conferences. He served as a judge in dozens of research works, articles and research proposals, and served as a member of dozens of professional committees as well as professional steering committees on science and technology issues. Prof. Teitelbaum is a visiting scientist at the University of Michigan in the USA

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  1. someone:
    They tried to help you avoid being humiliated and explained to you (the truth is better than explaining to a retard) that the phrase was chosen in response to the accusations of your friends (at that time we didn't know you were one either) of anti-Semitism towards Michael and idiocy towards the unknown.
    In that slanderous comment of yours that was blocked you already justified the title for yourself and you come back and do it in your last comment.
    What is not clear here?
    Why didn't it bother you that someone called me anti-Semitic, but it does bother you that I call him (in response) a retard?
    what? are you retarded

  2. He said retards, no one spoke rudely to him but he chose to use "retards"

    But it's not so surprising because as one who reads comments here, I saw how rude and arrogant Mr. Rothschild is, of course, this does not contradict the fact that he is a smart and interesting man, which is why I addressed him in my response in the first place, I hope he moderates and stops his rude form of expression..

  3. And just so that even retards like some of those who expressed themselves here would understand:
    I have no problem with Professor Teitelbaum and I have no problem with his appointment as rector at Bar Ilan University.
    This is simply a person who, even though religion tried to block his understanding of reality - managed to a certain extent to free himself from the commandment and taste the fruits of the tree of knowledge.
    I only regret that he did not take another step in the direction.

  4. someone:
    First of all - I really apologize for the fact that I prefer statistics that were seriously compiled by professionals and that examined a serious question that is not the question about the level of happiness that people report only because they know what the answer is you expect, but the true level of peace and happiness in life.
    Besides - this is a really unimportant detail in light of what you said in your last comment.
    In his book "A Brave New World" (which I actually read), Aldous Huxley describes such a world (whoever reads it understands how bad it is. You haven't read it, so you don't understand).
    As someone who prefers such a world - why don't you hand out hallucinogenic drugs to everyone and end the matter?

    the son:
    Please understand:
    You are talking nonsense.
    Semiticism is not Judaism and anti-Semitism is not anti-Judaism.
    I inform you that I am also against the other Jewish criminals and not only against those who put the burden of their livelihood and the burden of their security on me. Does my opposition to Jewish murderers and thieves make me anti-Semitic?
    Instead of giving me titles - are you able to point out one wrong thing I said? (The truth is that, considering your matriculation level, you probably don't have the right to vote yet, but I'm giving you a discount on the matter, so please - vote).

  5. In my opinion, every anti-Semite should be pitied, especially someone who is of Jewish origin and is a victim of anti-Semitism.

    Anti-Semitism began as anti-Judaism as a religion, and continued as anti-Judaism and anti-Judaism (=anti-Jews). In the new era, anti-Semitism was anti-Jewish, in places where there were no Jews left with religious Jewish consciousness. It remained primarily anti-Judaism as a religion, in those places where there were Jews with Jewish religious consciousness.

    By the way, all the antisemites were not kippah wearers throughout history, and they were a large part of those who were not kippah wearers. So the percentage of anti-Semites in the human race was much higher than those who don't wear a kippah. According to the antisemites, this is the proof that the antisemites were always right...

    Today we 'got' to close a circle: anti-Semitism returns to being, first of all, anti-Judaism as a religion. And not just - but by gentiles of Jewish origin. What a 'Mitzva compilation'!

    And it is true that Nazism was a religion - a secular religion. She drugged and poisoned an entire people, which was supposed to be a civilized, enlightened, rational people. It is equally true that the anti-Semitism of gentiles of Jewish origin is a secular religion. I would call it the sick anti-Semitic religion. Believers of the anti-Semitic religion are supposed to be, according to their false testimony about themselves, civilized, enlightened, rational people. These wretched people are trying to poison, by means of the poison and poison they spread everywhere - the culture, the Jewish people, and the state of the Jews here in the Land of Israel.

    As a religious person in the State of Israel, I say - lucky that not all seculars are fanatics of this religion, lucky that there are still some real seculars left, sane and moral people, that is, non-religious people who believe in the sick anti-Semitic religion.

    As far as I am concerned, it is the right of every person in the State of Israel - religious or secular, to define himself in terms of his beliefs, as he wishes, and to behave accordingly, as long as he is a loyal, law-abiding citizen. And this applies to Jews and Gentiles as well.
    But it is to be regretted, in my opinion, that there are sick people, fanatics of the old and new anti-Semitism, who deny the legitimacy of the religious Judaism of Jews in the Jewish state. These sick anti-Semites have no place with us, in the Land of Israel and in the State of Israel. They are no better than the Hamasniks, than extreme Islam - in fact they are much worse. To each of these I say: what are you still doing here? Do yourself and us a favor - get out and find another place on the globe, a place free of Judaism, where you can continue to make a living from your sick hatred without causing environmental damage. Raise your children and grandchildren there in the spirit of hatred of Judaism, along with most of the world - the 'enlightened', the 'free', the 'rational' - with the 'enlightened' world. The majority determines - no?

    And congratulations to Prof. Haim Teitelbaum. May they multiply like you in Israel - against the anger and hatred of the anti-Semites who believe in the sick religion.

  6. Well, I took the time to reply, but I was probably censored, I'm not sure, but the response didn't go up, I'll try to respond later..

  7. Michael, you surprised me with this response, is it supposed to prove the opposite of my claim? According to this study do you draw this conclusion? I believe in statistics and most of the people I've met with and have faith in them, I've usually seen joy, not so with other people who don't believe (by the way, I'm not satisfied with my life either) of course it's not absolute and there are completely opposite cases (from what I understand you're satisfied with your life..)

    To Noam, I don't know if you are familiar with Aldous Huxley's book (I haven't read it, but I know his main idea), it describes a situation of happy people, but this is happiness that the rulers give them so that they can continue and peace among the citizens, I personally think that happiness is better than freedom of conscience And deep in the heart of every person thinks so..
    So yes in relation to your response, if there was a drug or I don't know what would give a feeling of great happiness, an example that comes to my mind is love, then without a doubt I would live on it for the rest of my life without thinking twice...

  8. By the way, someone:
    At the time, a survey was conducted on the level of post-traumatic symptoms in children in the settlements surrounding Gaza.
    It turned out that religious children suffered from these phenomena much more than secular ones.
    Therefore, even the poor justification of "living in a fool's paradise" does not stand up to the credit of religion.

  9. Someone and the prophet:
    There is a very big problem with religious belief and part of this problem is that most of the institutionalized and organized murders were done under its auspices.
    Now - before any of you pull out the worn-out nonsense of the Second World War, I repeat and say here that race theory was also a religious theory (religion - in its literal meaning - is a set of laws. From this point of view, it does not matter if there is a God in it or not. In the sense that I use the word - I mean a system of laws whose origin pretends to be outside of man and which cannot be changed by man).
    Religion (like any drug) has different levels of addiction.
    It's just like with drugs - you can resist them, you can be forgiving towards them without consuming them, you can consume only soft drugs, and you can be hopelessly addicted to hard drugs.
    The point is that the needs of the soft drugs - beyond the fact that their tendency to deteriorate into hard drugs is not eliminated, also give legitimacy and support to the hard addicts.
    They themselves receive legitimacy from the forgiving non-consumers and in the end it is clear that without the forgiveness on the part of those who do not consume there would also be far fewer severe addicts.

  10. someone,

    You wrote: "There is no problem with religious belief, it fills a person with hope and happiness"

    This has already been said by someone (can't remember who):

    "So is the bottle at the drunkard's"

  11. To Michael, I am not a religious person and am very interested in science. Also, I am a loyal reader of the site, including the interesting comments, I know that you are clearly anti-religion and there is a certain justice in your worldview, but you have to separate the black Lulavs who eat for free, in short leeches, and the wearers of knitted caps who serve in the army in elite units And then work and contribute to Israel's economy, and don't complain about the taxpayers. I have no problem with anyone believing what they want as long as there is no religious coercion and no painful exploitation of Israeli society

  12. To Michael
    There is no problem with religious belief, it fills a person with hope and happiness. You can do a survey on the subject.
    The problem starts when there is religious fanaticism which is one of the biggest problems of humanity.
    In my opinion, science studies, which are the most important studies, should be combined with the religion that gives the aforementioned happiness, the best way to do this is like the excellent professor mentioned in the article.
    By the way, I'm an atheist who thinks that faith has a lot of benefit on the assumption that happiness is also the goal of science and in general of every other person

  13. Shlomit:
    In my opinion, we should feel sorry for every baby who is captured by religion.
    By the way, all kippah wearers are Jews, so the percentage of kippah wearers in the world is much smaller than one per thousand.
    But even if we don't limit ourselves to belief in the flying spaghetti monster who commanded her chosen people to murder Sabbath breakers and let him be murdered in the Holocaust and we content ourselves with belief in God in general, we can learn something from this survey:
    It is seen that in general - as education and intelligence increase - the faith in God decreases.

  14. to peace
    The reason why the news is not published immediately is that a balance needs to be made between news from different fields of science, between research and other news. The limitation we imposed on ourselves to show the latest updates by topic is that there is only room for 5 news items from the same day on the home page. If we upload too much at once, some news sinks to the bottom before the surfers had time to see them. Before that, we simply showed the 25 most recent news in the order they were inserted and there was a little more room for maneuver. Although then there was a disadvantage of not being able to display relevant channels.
    And there are all sorts of other reasons, some of which depend on connections with other sites.
    And even so, the website is updated with more than a thousand items a year.

  15. To my father, why aren't the news published immediately after writing/loading them to the website? On the other hand, since I am sorry for the comments of the anonymous person, I think you are right and the time of publication is irrelevant and irrelevant since the website itself is a communication tool that does not observe Shabbat.
    To Anonymous, I could not understand how exactly on such a site you write what you write and I am sure that among the scientists and more enlightened than you there are kippah wearers, in any case the fact that you are very anonymous contributes to the content of your words...
    Congratulations to the professor

  16. It's more of a shame about the issue of wearing the kippa

  17. Thanks for the update, this is a new feature. I will update the developer of the site that has a problem with it.
    As for the issue of timing - I didn't understand what the problem was, after all the news from the Technion about Ben Eliezer is also about three days old. There is a hierarchy on the site, where scientific news is published first, but as almost the only means of communication for higher education in Israel, I believe that there is also room for announcements of the type of academic appointments or issues such as priorities in education, even if two or three days have passed.

  18. Too bad about the timing issue.
    I wanted to ask: I indicated that I would like to receive an email notification if someone posts a comment. Why didn't I get it?

  19. The article was uploaded a few days ago and was scheduled for today. The only article that was uploaded in real time was the report on the launch of the shuttle.

  20. Shlomit, there is truth in your words, it's really a shame that he wears a kippah.

  21. Nice, it's just a shame that the chosen one wears a kippa and you upload the advertisement on Saturday 15.05.2010,
    It would have been appropriate to wait another day with the publication, or to publish on Friday until the beginning of Shabbat.

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