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Gila Gamliel replaces Ofir Akunis as Minister of Science

A ministerial change ceremony at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology took place yesterday (Tuesday 19.3.24/XNUMX/XNUMX)

Ministerial exchange ceremony at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, 19/3/24. Photo: L.A.M
Ministerial exchange ceremony at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, 19/3/24. Photo: L.A.M

Yesterday, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology officially took office, Gila Gamliel revealed. The ceremony was attended by the outgoing Minister of Innovation, Ofir Akunis and the Director General of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, Gadi Arieli and the management of the Ministry.

The incoming Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Gila Gamaliel: "In the coming term, I see three main goals before my eyes: the first - to put Israel at the forefront of research and development in the fields of artificial intelligence. The second - to continue the integration of advanced technologies and start-up companies in the fields of security in order to strengthen and establish Israel's civilian and military power. The third - to promote values ​​of equal opportunities and accessibility in science and technology. These are values ​​that I see in front of my eyes throughout my public services.

We must make sure that the era of artificial intelligence will serve the citizens of Israel, define responsible development and use, and preserve basic rights and public interests. Together we will continue to act for the citizens of Israel and achieve groundbreaking achievements!'

The outgoing Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Ofir Akunis: ""I am happy to transfer the office to Sara Gamaliel when he is at the peak of activity to make science and technology accessible to all citizens of Israel, on a large scale. Alongside the activity throughout the country, an international activity that faced and continues to face very big challenges.

Many of the decisions we made over the years are evident today, even on our battle fronts, such as raising robotics to the top of the priority list. Male and female fighters in the Israel Defense Forces and other units represented Israel a few years ago in international competitions, they won and today they are at the forefront.

The scholarships for the reservists, for the outstanding, for the research leaders - have been returned and I am proud of it.
I believe in the power of the Israeli economy and the power of high-tech as the engine of its growth.
The quick actions we carried out, including special grants to start-up companies as soon as the war broke out and the final approval of the Angels Law, are important achievements and of course the increase in the Innovation Authority's budget.

"There are many more tasks, but his good memory always wins over the bad and the truth over the lie. Thank you for the years together and for the assistance in promoting a ministry that is of strategic importance for the future of Israel.' Aconis concluded, who is moving to be the consul in New York.

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  1. I know I missed it, I was sick at the beginning of the week, but I would love to fix it on the weekend.
    It has nothing to do with the announcement of the Academy of Sciences.

  2. Whoever was the Minister of Intelligence on 7/10 will now be the Minister of Science and Technology. Makes a lot of sense.

  3. Six days have passed since SpaceX broke several world records in the heavy weight lift, both across the Kerman line, and also at the entrance to the runway (or almost a runway). The press did a sloppy job, as usual, in reporting on issues like these (as well as any other issue, actually). And here? A moment of silence.

    Why am I not surprised?

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