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Genetic replication will allow 2 men to have a child together

The experts claim that this is possible with the help of the technologies that were used to reproduce Dolly the sheep

Couples of men will be able to have children thanks to the gene cloning technique. This is what senior scientists believe. This is the same technique that created Dolly the sheep. Dr. Callum McCarrel from the University of Edinburgh says that it will be possible to take the DNA of a male couple and clone it. With this technique, a woman's egg will not be needed, but a surrogate mother will be needed to carry the baby in her womb. According to him, cell nucleus substitutes could be used as a kind of male egg substitute and they would be fertilized with the other man's sperm. In fact, theoretically it would be possible to create a child whose parents are both men.

The male egg will be produced by taking an egg into which the nucleus of a male sperm will be inserted. Following this process, the egg will receive DNA. Zachary and the other man's sperm will be inserted into her through in vitro fertilization. The egg will then be implanted in the womb of a surrogate mother.
McClure explained that the technique used by the scientists in duplicating Dolly the sheep could be used to create "male eggs", which would be fertilized by sperm from another amplifier. According to him, "it is theoretically possible", but there are still genetic obstacles that prevent the original idea from becoming a reality in the near future. McClair claims that it will be possible to overcome these difficulties when, from a technological point of view, the embryo will be able to develop in a normal way even though it was produced by two men.
However, pay attention - the male couple can have a daughter, as it is known that half of the sperm cells carry the X chromosome and half the Y chromosome. It must be assumed that the YY combination, the chances of which are 25 percent, will lead to the rejection of the embryo, another 50 percent chance of giving birth to a male son, but 25 percent (and therefore One third of the children actually born after deducting the possibility of YY) will be girls.
At least in one thing the author of the Book of Genesis was right, you can't take a man out of a woman, but a woman out of a man is also possible.
In one of Robert Heinlein's series of books about the stories of Lazarus Long, he has two daughters who are duplicates of himself with a slight correction, instead of the Y chromosome he duplicated his X chromosome twice, and he had 2 daughters who are almost identical to him from the genetic point of view. Now it looks close in reality too.

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  1. You can't get a man out of a woman????
    All the men in the world were born of a woman….
    And even with manipulation it is possible to take the DNA of
    the woman and replace one of the X chromosomes with a Y
    (perhaps in her father's Y) and for you - a male embryo

    In short: come on

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