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Feasibility test for pico satellites - a lecture at Uni Tel Aviv today

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On 28.6.2005 at 16:30 to 19:00 a feasibility study of the CubeSat APS project will be presented.

On June 28.6.2005, 16, from 30:19 to 00:XNUMX p.m., a feasibility study of the CubeSat APS project will be presented. The purpose of the CAPS system is to distribute accurate location and time, similar to a GPS system. The system includes dozens of small satellites (the volume of each unit is about three cubic decimeters and weighs about four kilograms) . The great advantage of the system is its ability to provide similar performance to a GPS system, but with smaller size and complications by several orders of magnitude. The project was carried out by a group that included people from Mabat, Raphael, Technion, Mafat, HA and Hamon. The meeting will take place at Tel Aviv University in Hall Lev in the Physics (Shankar) building.

Due to space limitations in the lecture hall, you are requested to inform in advance of the number of people who will come. Raz Tamir can be notified by phone 0506251050

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